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7 Thank You Pages that Take Post-Conversion to the Next Level


As conversion-oriented marketers, our focus is typically on persuading traffic to take action once people visit our landing pages. The Holy Grail is getting the click (sale, subscription, etc.). And – once that happens – many marketers stop the conversion process, thank the customer and happily walk away with cash in hand. B-I-G Mistake! Thank […]

Web Page Review: Lack of Information Causes Concerns


Once a month, I pull a web page out of a virtual pot of entries (from my Marketing Words Newsletter subscribers) and that page gets a complimentary review from my panel of web marketing experts. The advice given helps the site owners improve rankings, conversions and sales. This month’s feature is the home page of […]

3 Rookie Mistakes Almost Everyone Makes When Tweeting


How many times have you said one of the following about social media? “It’s a waste of time.” “I’ve never gotten a good response from Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn/Google+/etc.” “I tweet and nobody responds.” You’re not alone. Countless businesspeople struggle with posting on social media, especially when it comes to writing something compelling and meaningful in 140 characters. […]

Should You Have Copy on Your Demo/Download Pages?


I recently saw a post on the Which Test Won blog that caught my attention. The email announcing the test results had a subject line that read: How Much Content Does Your Page Need to Convert The content of the email said this: Finding the perfect balance of content is hard; sometimes too much content is […]

Creating a Book Marketing Funnel Could Kill Your Sales


If you’ve been involved with publishing very long, you know that (even if you have a physical book printed by one of the prominent, mainstream publishers) you are responsible for promoting it if you want to see any real sales. Likewise, if you’ve been in marketing very long, you’re familiar with the term “marketing funnel.” […]

What’s Your Google Gibberish Score?

Did you know Google has a “gibberish score?” It’s true! And they rank each of your web pages and blog posts to see if you are using low-quality, mechanically-produced copy and content. Some common practices are now on Google’s watch list and can get your pages demoted in the rankings. Even pages with high-value keywords […]

Build Curiosity When Writing Tweets, Headlines & More Using These 2 Savvy Techniques


You would think that writing short copy like tweets, headlines, bullet points and more would be easy. I mean, it’s just a tiny bit of text so what could be so hard? That IS why it’s so hard The ultra-limited space means much more thought has to go into these tidbits than with copy that […]

Web Page Review: Emergency Survival Kits


Subscribers to my Marketing Words Newsletter get the added bonus of submitting one web page for possible review.  Then my collection of web experts and I point out trouble spots the site owner can correct in order to get better rankings and conversions. This month’s feature is a category page of an emergency survival kit […]

5 Tips for Typing Tantalizing Tweets & Other Tiny Tidbits

Does it seem like copy is shrinking? Everywhere you look you find Facebook ads, tweets and bullet points, the longest of which is a total of 140 characters. I’ve had lots of questions lately about writing short and compelling copy so I thought I’d reveal a few tricks I use that might help you out. […]

The Psychology of Pricing Products & Services


One of the most frequently asked questions I get about marketing revolves around price. Setting prices for products and services takes a combination of science, psychology and intuition. Let’s walk through some of the most effective ways to determine price and create a checklist of what to test to find the best one. Your Cost […]