The 7-Step Cure for Unblocking Writer’s Block


By Dr. MaryJo Wagner © 2013 It’s not a newsflash that we live in the age of distraction and the era of ADHD.  While this condition is frequently related to children, it’s not just a kid thing. If you’ve got a computer, a smart phone, a couple of TVs, a tablet, and two lovely-but-busy children […]

Are You Speaking Your Target Customers’ Language?


When you incorporate exactly what your target audience wants into your copy, you speak their exact language. They can’t help but connect with this copy because it gives them exactly what they wanted.

Professional Tips for Accurate Keyword Research, Analysis and Selection


Aiming strictly for the highest search-count terms will lead you astray almost every time. When you give due consideration to all the pieces of the puzzle, you stand a better chance of creating a final list of keywords for each web page that work to bring in qualified traffic at the right point in the buying process.

What Would You Do Differently?

The resources I mentioned in the video are: NAMS – Novice to Advanced Marketing System WordTracker Keyword Tool:  Trial version If you found this post valuable, others might, too. Please share (below) on your favorite social media sites. Thanks! Send to Kindle

Is Your PPC Campaign Passive or Active?

Active PPC Campaign

When most people set out to write PPC ads, they simply lay fingers to keyboard and begin to rattle off whatever they want to tell customers.  If it fits into the allotted space, the ad copy is uploaded and run without too much thought. I’ve always been astonished that PPC copywriting takes place with such […]

Sales Page SEO – A Case Study of a Case Study

Increase Conversions

One of my favorite promotional techniques is the use of webinars. I find that actually showing people what they can learn and do works significantly better than telling them in many cases. It’s always nice to hear from the attendees of the webinars about the successes they had while using the tips they implemented. When […]

Is Article Marketing Dead? Why Closed Its Doors for Good


The original and longest-standing article directory on the Web has closed its doors for good. is no more. Find out from owner, Marnie Pehrson, why she did it and why she thinks article marketing is now on life support.

SEO Copywriting Q&A with Karon Thackston

Karon Thackston answers questions about using keywords in ALT tags, which pictures work best with copy/content and whether the keyword META tag is actually as dead as people say.

3 Things that Can Kill Conversions (besides your copy)

Think a lack of sales immediately means you have bad copy? Nah! Low conversions can be caused by all sorts of things (besides copywriting). Here are 3 of the worst offenders…

SEO Copywriting for Bullet Lists

With all the new copywriting rules since the Penguin and Panda updates, should you be changing the way you write your bullet lists? I answer a question from one reader and give you a couple of tips in this short video.