Are Your Words Killing Your Brand?

While there are hundreds of definitions of the word “brand,” my favorites come from the World English Dictionary. As a noun: “a particular product or a characteristic that serves to identify a particular product.” And as a verb: “to give a product a distinctive identity.” Most of us keep our brands in mind as we […]

Top 10 Article Roundup for July 2, 2014


I’m regularly asked what blogs and newsletters I read so here’s a list of some of the articles and videos I’ve found interesting and helpful over the last week. Enjoy! If you’re in the US, I hope you have an awesome 4th of July holiday this weekend. I will! Six Steps for Writing Simple Copy […]

3 Rookie Mistakes Almost Everyone Makes When Tweeting


How many times have you said one of the following about social media? “It’s a waste of time.” “I’ve never gotten a good response from Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn/Google+/etc.” “I tweet and nobody responds.” You’re not alone. Countless businesspeople struggle with posting on social media, especially when it comes to writing something compelling and meaningful in 140 characters. […]

Build Curiosity When Writing Tweets, Headlines & More Using These 2 Savvy Techniques


You would think that writing short copy like tweets, headlines, bullet points and more would be easy. I mean, it’s just a tiny bit of text so what could be so hard? That IS why it’s so hard The ultra-limited space means much more thought has to go into these tidbits than with copy that […]

5 Tips for Typing Tantalizing Tweets & Other Tiny Tidbits

Does it seem like copy is shrinking? Everywhere you look you find Facebook ads, tweets and bullet points, the longest of which is a total of 140 characters. I’ve had lots of questions lately about writing short and compelling copy so I thought I’d reveal a few tricks I use that might help you out. […]

How to Use Storytelling in Copy for Better Results

Storytelling is all the rage right now and with good reason: it can turn ho-hum copywriting into high-converting copy.  When you use storytelling principles in your web copywriting, blog posts, videos and more, you: get people involved in your message make the information you’re sharing through your copy more personal and build connections easier than […]

The 7-Step Cure for Unblocking Writer’s Block


By Dr. MaryJo Wagner © 2013 It’s not a newsflash that we live in the age of distraction and the era of ADHD.  While this condition is frequently related to children, it’s not just a kid thing. If you’ve got a computer, a smart phone, a couple of TVs, a tablet, and two lovely-but-busy children […]

Are You Speaking Your Target Customers’ Language?


When you incorporate exactly what your target audience wants into your copy, you speak their exact language. They can’t help but connect with this copy because it gives them exactly what they wanted.

Professional Tips for Accurate Keyword Research, Analysis and Selection


Aiming strictly for the highest search-count terms will lead you astray almost every time. When you give due consideration to all the pieces of the puzzle, you stand a better chance of creating a final list of keywords for each web page that work to bring in qualified traffic at the right point in the buying process.

Persuading Your Site Visitors Takes Some Detective Work


While watching the TV show NCIS the other day, one scene in particular caught my attention.  In this police drama, the agents were trying to figure out where their suspect would have gone after escaping custody.  “If we’re going to catch this guy, we’ve got to know who we’re dealing with.  Has anybody built a […]