Amazon Crack Down: 5 Things That Could Get Your Products De-Listed


If there are two things about Amazon Seller Support that hold true it is that (1) they contradict themselves constantly and (2) things are always changing. Case in point; Amazon has (seemingly) ignored certain product-listing practices for years while sellers did pretty much what they wanted. Many had never bothered to search Seller Central for […]

5 Little-Known Facts About Keywords & Amazon Product Listings That Could Hinder Your Success


Lately I feel like a broken record. It seems the more people I talk with, the more times I hear, “I didn’t know that” when it comes to keyword-related facts about Amazon product listings. Most people are making this way harder than it has to be. In fact, many are seriously wasting space by not […]

Unlocking The Magic Of Pinterest To Drive Ecommerce Sales This Holiday Season


Did you know… • 81% of U.S. online consumers say they trust information & advice on Pinterest ( • The average order placed by Pinterest shoppers is $169, almost double that of Facebook and almost 2.5 times higher than Twitter (RichRelevance) • 69% of online consumers who visit Pinterest have purchased an item they found […]

Ecommerce Product Description Writing Driving You Nuts? Here are 6 Ways To Describe Almost Anything


There I was – stuck, staring at my computer screen and gritting my teeth. “All these calculators are virtually the same. All calculators add, subtract, divide and multiply.” I huffed, “How am I supposed to write different copy for 25 calculators that are all pretty much identical?” Ever been there? Ever had several catalog or […]

5 Tactics for Making More Money from Your Amazon Store


Even if you’ve only been paying attention halfway, you’ve probably noticed a huge surge in talk about selling on Amazon or a program called Amazon FBA recently. That’s because Amazon gives individuals and companies a massive, global marketplace to sell to with very low entry fees. There’s little wonder that droves of people are rushing […]

The Curse of Ecommerce Resellers: Lack of Differentiation


I’ve seen this before with ecommerce copywriting: good traffic, but no sales. Usually, the content is chock-full of keyphrases and sounds stupidly repetitive. The solution: Write natural-sounding, persuasive SEO copy. But this client’s site didn’t fit the stereotype.

5 Success Strategies of High-Converting Ecommerce Websites

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Depending on who you ask, the top 10 list of the nation’s highest converting ecommerce websites changes.  What doesn’t change, however, is what all these sites have in common that make them so successful. Let’s take a look.  As we do, make yourself a list and compare it to your own ecomm site.  The sites […]

Are You Speaking Your Target Customers’ Language?


When you incorporate exactly what your target audience wants into your copy, you speak their exact language. They can’t help but connect with this copy because it gives them exactly what they wanted.

Professional Tips for Accurate Keyword Research, Analysis and Selection


Aiming strictly for the highest search-count terms will lead you astray almost every time. When you give due consideration to all the pieces of the puzzle, you stand a better chance of creating a final list of keywords for each web page that work to bring in qualified traffic at the right point in the buying process.

SEO Copywriting Q&A with Karon Thackston

Karon Thackston answers questions about using keywords in ALT tags, which pictures work best with copy/content and whether the keyword META tag is actually as dead as people say.