4 Lessons From The Eagles About Achieving Success

                  Success rarely comes easy. In anything. So when I hear someone say, “I wish I was like (fill in the blank)” or “(Name) has it so easy / good,” I often roll my eyes. Usually, these folks don’t understand all the time, energy, heartache, sacrifice, money, […]

Creating a Book Marketing Funnel Could Kill Your Sales

If you’ve been involved with publishing very long, you know that (even if you have a physical book printed by one of the prominent, mainstream publishers) you are responsible for promoting it if you want to see any real sales. Likewise, if you’ve been in marketing very long, you’re familiar with the term “marketing funnel.” […]

Web Page Review: Emergency Survival Kits

Subscribers to my Marketing Words Newsletter get the added bonus of submitting one web page for possible review.  Then my collection of web experts and I point out trouble spots the site owner can correct in order to get better rankings and conversions. This month’s feature is a category page of an emergency survival kit […]

5 Tips for Typing Tantalizing Tweets & Other Tiny Tidbits

Does it seem like copy is shrinking? Everywhere you look you find Facebook ads, tweets and bullet points, the longest of which is a total of 140 characters. I’ve had lots of questions lately about writing short and compelling copy so I thought I’d reveal a few tricks I use that might help you out. […]

The Psychology of Pricing Products & Services

One of the most frequently asked questions I get about marketing revolves around price. Setting prices for products and services takes a combination of science, psychology and intuition. Let’s walk through some of the most effective ways to determine price and create a checklist of what to test to find the best one. Your Cost […]

Are You Speaking Your Target Customers’ Language?

When you incorporate exactly what your target audience wants into your copy, you speak their exact language. They can’t help but connect with this copy because it gives them exactly what they wanted.

Professional Tips for Accurate Keyword Research, Analysis and Selection

Aiming strictly for the highest search-count terms will lead you astray almost every time. When you give due consideration to all the pieces of the puzzle, you stand a better chance of creating a final list of keywords for each web page that work to bring in qualified traffic at the right point in the buying process.

Marketing Success or Failure: It’s All in Your DNA

Why is it that some people are wildly and effortlessly successful at different aspects of marketing while others have to fight for every inch of ground they gain?  Could it be that the phrase “natural-born __________” applies to the various elements of online marketing just like everything else? As someone who is fascinated by consumer […]

Is Your PPC Campaign Passive or Active?

When most people set out to write PPC ads, they simply lay fingers to keyboard and begin to rattle off whatever they want to tell customers.  If it fits into the allotted space, the ad copy is uploaded and run without too much thought. I’ve always been astonished that PPC copywriting takes place with such […]

Sales Page SEO – A Case Study of a Case Study

One of my favorite promotional techniques is the use of webinars. I find that actually showing people what they can learn and do works significantly better than telling them in many cases. It’s always nice to hear from the attendees of the webinars about the successes they had while using the tips they implemented. When […]