Simple Tweaks that Can Dramatically Boost PPC Ad Performance


It happens with practically every PPC campaign.  Clickthrough rates (CTR) are lower than expected and people start to panic. Amazingly, most begin to scramble around tweaking bid amounts, adjusting geo-modifiers and the like.  The most obvious of fixes, however, usually gets overlooked… your ad copy. Think about it. The success or failure of your entire […]

4 PPC Campaigns that Violate the 3 Core Rules of Success


When was the last time you clicked on a pay-per-click (PPC) ad on Facebook, Google or another site and were disappointed at what you found?  Maybe you were confused after going to the landing page of a banner ad or frustrated when a Facebook ad led to information that had nothing obvious to do with […]

Are You Speaking Your Target Customers’ Language?


When you incorporate exactly what your target audience wants into your copy, you speak their exact language. They can’t help but connect with this copy because it gives them exactly what they wanted.

Is Your PPC Campaign Passive or Active?

Active PPC Campaign

When most people set out to write PPC ads, they simply lay fingers to keyboard and begin to rattle off whatever they want to tell customers.  If it fits into the allotted space, the ad copy is uploaded and run without too much thought. I’ve always been astonished that PPC copywriting takes place with such […]

Without This, Your Entire PPC Campaign Will Fail


You’ve researched all the bidding strategies. For days on end you’ve agonized over which segments to target your campaign to. You click the magic button to turn your campaign on and it tanks. What could have gone wrong? You didn’t miss a thing. Or did you?

From a Million to Zero in Just One Day: A Keyword Research Tragedy

One bit of misinformation can completely skew your keyword research results. Yet hardly anybody is talking about where the keyword research data comes from and how to use it properly. Once you know the truth, the process gets a LOT easier.

Common Misconceptions about Copywriting

Does copy have to be completely rewritten to see improvements? Is it all or nothing once you put the new copy up? Get clarity about how it really works from SEO copywriter Karon Thackston.

How to Write Persuasive Headlines with Karon Thackston

Here’s another excerpt from my copywriting presentation at NAMS4 in Atlanta this past August. During this portion of the session, I’m discussing great headline techniques including what to do and what not to do when you write them.

How to Attract Your Target Audience

You hear that you should appeal to/attract your target audience all the time, but how – exactly – do you do that? SEO copywriter Karon Thackston answers a reader’s question.

Do Landing Pages & PPC Ads Really Have to Match?

I got stopped while at NAMS4 in Atlanta and asked about coordinating PPC ads with landing pages.  This quick video will give you some good insights on how to do it right. . Send to Kindle