3 Attention-Worthy Ideas for Your Next Press Release (and Why they Work so Well)

Practically everybody has dreams of earning a bit of media coverage and being flooded with business. Unfortunately, that’s easier said than done. The main reason most press releases fail is because they are self-promotional. Promotional copy is the cardinal sin of press releases. Reporters want news, not advertisements, so before you begin to write, pick […]

Professional Tips for Accurate Keyword Research, Analysis and Selection

Aiming strictly for the highest search-count terms will lead you astray almost every time. When you give due consideration to all the pieces of the puzzle, you stand a better chance of creating a final list of keywords for each web page that work to bring in qualified traffic at the right point in the buying process.

How Google’s Expanded Use of Synonyms Impacts SEO Copywriting

Google awarded a patent for synonyms in search. How does this affect the writing of SEO copy?

Review: Deep Publicity Public Relations Course from Marcia Yudkin

By Karon Thackston © 2009, All Rights Reserved I’ve always had a healthy respect for Marcia Yudkin. She is one of the best-known publicity experts on the web today. I’ve bought a couple of her public relations (PR) books before and was pleased with the content they offered. But when I got the notice about […]

Q&A on SEO Copywriting: Image Content & Keyphrases in Image Attributes

A new client, Fortune Cookie Soap, maker of unique soap gift packages, asked me to do a review of one of their product pages. Once I submitted my findings, they had a few questions. I thought I’d share these with you. 1. One issue I found was that they were repeating a short section of […]

Price Increase: Step-by-Step Copywriting Course 5th Edition Will Cost $40 More

I’ve just finished the 5th edition of The Step-by-Step Copywriting Course, my self-paced SEO e-course.  It isn’t up on the website yet, as all the final touches are being put into place.  The moment it’s set and uploaded to the ‘Net, a new price will go into effect.  Instead of costing $89 (which has been […]

Do Article Sites Provide “Quality” Links?

By Karon Thackston © 2008, All Rights Reserved It’s still a buzz industry even after all these years. Usually, with Internet marketing, someone comes up with a good idea that quickly gets abused and run into the ground. After a short burn, it dies off like a supernova. However, article distribution has held its own […]

Popular Keyword Copywriting Ebook Updated to 4th Edition: A New Name and Surprising Information for SEO Copywriters Is Included

[Columbia, SC – July 24, 2008] —As the war of high rankings continues to grow, search engine optimizers as well as individual site owners are discovering that keyword optimization plays a vital role in their success. However, just increasing keyword density is simply not enough. A balance must be in place so that the human […]

What Makes a News Release Newsworthy?

I was reading a post about press releases on the Small Business Brief forum where I’m a moderator. The poster was referencing something she’d read which said announcements about new products or new contracts should not be considered newsworthy. Then she asked what makes a news release newsworthy? Good question! Here’s how I responded: Well, […]