“F” in the FACE Formula for Determining Copywriting Length

Now there’s an easy way to decide just how much copy you need on your site. My simple F.A.C.E. formula gives you a quick way to figure out this often confusing part of copywriting.

“Super Adjectives” Boost the Power of Your Copy

Pretty or elegant? Good or scrumptious? Nice or delightful? There is power in the adjectives you choose. Just like Clark Kent and Superman or Bruce Wayne and Batman, some adjectives are plain, ordinary, everyday words. Others are alter-ego Super Adjectives that leap into your customers’ minds in a single bound. Adjectives are boring, but Super […]

“Super Verbs” Add Power & Persuasion to Your Copy

Run or hustle? Eat or devour? Move or scurry? You can boost the power of your copy by amping up the quality of verbs you use. Verbs show action, and the way you describe that motion can have a dramatic bearing on your readers. Why would you want to fill your copy with complacent words […]

The #1 Factor in Google & Amazon SEO Has Been Right Under Your Nose All Along

Backlinks. Coding. Navigation structure. Images. Listen in on any conversation about SEO (whether for Google or Amazon) and you’ll likely hear mention of all these elements and more. Regardless of which analogy you choose (a recipe with many ingredients, a puzzle with many pieces…), SEO on any level is a complex creature. There is one […]

7 Types of Keywords to Consider When Doing Research

People think differently. Because not everyone calls the same products by the same names or searches for what they need with the same thought process, omitting keywords from your research (and thus losing potential traffic) is a common mistake. The 7 types of keywords below will give you some ideas for researching keywords that you […]

Determining Your Target Audience and Delivering What They Want

Building an email list. Promoting your ecommerce store. Branding your B2B service company. Selling products on Amazon. Regardless of what you’re doing online, the foundation of your success will be in your ability to determine what your target customers want and how best to give it to them. Sound easy? From my experience, this is […]

Copywriting Shortcuts: Secrets The Pros Use To Get Done Faster With Better Results

Most people think writing excellent copy is hard. And, when you go about it the way your average person does, it actually is! Professional copywriters, however, have learned a trick or two over the years about how to cut hours off their writing time while getting better results. The shortcuts come in the form of […]

SEO Copywriting Strategies For The New Google Era

February 23, 2011. April 24, 2012. August 20, 2013. Do you have any idea what happened on these dates in SEO history? Maybe not, but the impact of these three monumental changes have collectively ushered website owners into a new Google era. If you’re still writing SEO copy the way you did in 2010 or […]

14 Most Popular Blog Posts of 2014

From ecommerce to landing pages and Amazon to SEO, the Marketing Words Newsletter has brought you a wide range of topics over the last 12 months. We help you convert better, rank higher and make more sales. The numbers have clearly shown that you’ve had some favorites so I’m bringing you the 14 most popular […]

5 Google Videos you Should Watch Before you Write Another Word

The search engines are changing on a regular basis. While information about the changes is made public, frankly most people don’t see it because they are too busy, don’t know where to look or they don’t realize anything new has taken place. While I was on the Google YouTube channel the other day, I found […]