“F” in the FACE Formula for Determining Copywriting Length

Now there’s an easy way to decide just how much copy you need on your site. My simple F.A.C.E. formula gives you a quick way to figure out this often confusing part of copywriting.

Are You Still Doing Content Marketing the Old-School Way?

I’ve been getting lots of questions about article marketing that revolve around old-school practices that some people are still using (yikes!). Got 14 minutes? Find out how article marketing morphed into content marketing and the 5 most important things to remember when making the switch. Click here to find out more about the Panda content […]

Setting up Joint Ventures Increases Profits

From Coca-Cola to Dell computers, just about every major company in the world has benefited from joint venturing. You can, too! Got six minutes? Find out the up side of JVs and what to look for in a joint venture partner to get maximum success. Send to Kindle

Testing & Tweaking Boost Sales & Save You Money

If you’re one of those people who is “not into testing,” you’re missing out on a lot of information that could make you more sales, reduce expenses and boost your business in ways you haven’t thought about. Contrary to popular belief, basic testing doesn’t have to be hard. Even simple measures can pay off big […]

What’s Your Google Gibberish Score?

Did you know Google has a “gibberish score?” It’s true! And they rank each of your web pages and blog posts to see if you are using low-quality, mechanically-produced copy and content. Some common practices are now on Google’s watch list and can get your pages demoted in the rankings. Even pages with high-value keywords […]

Build Curiosity When Writing Tweets, Headlines & More Using These 2 Savvy Techniques

You would think that writing short copy like tweets, headlines, bullet points and more would be easy. I mean, it’s just a tiny bit of text so what could be so hard? That IS why it’s so hard The ultra-limited space means much more thought has to go into these tidbits than with copy that […]

My Interview About SEO Changes on Ask the Social Marketing Smarty Pants

I had the pleasure recently of being interviewed by Stacey Myers about search engine changes, SEO copywriting and keyword optimization.  Find out how all of this impacts your site. We discussed: The various Google changes and what they mean. Outdated SEO myths people still get trapped by. Tips for writing search engine copywriting with Google’s […]

Why Jill Whalen Left SEO & What Advice She Has for You

I’ve known Jill Whalen of HighRankings.com since 2003. What started as a business relationship quickly grew into a friendship that I still enjoy today. While it wasn’t exactly what I expected, I wasn’t completely shocked when she made the announcement just last week that she was leaving SEO. Jill – unquestionably one of the pioneers […]

Driving Traffic to Your Site Without Google

With every new Google update or change, I hear people screaming that they are sick and tired of depending strictly on Google for their traffic.  Frankly, it’s a dangerous practice because your sole source of traffic can be taken away as quick as a hiccup. Ready to start diversifying where your traffic comes from, but […]

Have You Really Taken a Panda/Penguin Hit?

I can’t tell you how many times I receive emails from prospective clients who swear they’ve been affected by Google’s Panda or Penguin updates.  While there are tons of sites out there that have legitimately been hit, I’ve yet to come across one. For instance, one site had a decrease in conversions in people clicking […]