What’s Your Google Gibberish Score?

Did you know Google has a “gibberish score?” It’s true! And they rank each of your web pages and blog posts to see if you are using low-quality, mechanically-produced copy and content. Some common practices are now on Google’s watch list and can get your pages demoted in the rankings. Even pages with high-value keywords […]

Build Curiosity When Writing Tweets, Headlines & More Using These 2 Savvy Techniques


You would think that writing short copy like tweets, headlines, bullet points and more would be easy. I mean, it’s just a tiny bit of text so what could be so hard? That IS why it’s so hard The ultra-limited space means much more thought has to go into these tidbits than with copy that […]

My Interview About SEO Changes on Ask the Social Marketing Smarty Pants


I had the pleasure recently of being interviewed by Stacey Myers about search engine changes, SEO copywriting and keyword optimization.  Find out how all of this impacts your site. We discussed: The various Google changes and what they mean. Outdated SEO myths people still get trapped by. Tips for writing search engine copywriting with Google’s […]

Why Jill Whalen Left SEO & What Advice She Has for You


I’ve known Jill Whalen of HighRankings.com since 2003. What started as a business relationship quickly grew into a friendship that I still enjoy today. While it wasn’t exactly what I expected, I wasn’t completely shocked when she made the announcement just last week that she was leaving SEO. Jill – unquestionably one of the pioneers […]

Driving Traffic to Your Site Without Google

With every new Google update or change, I hear people screaming that they are sick and tired of depending strictly on Google for their traffic.  Frankly, it’s a dangerous practice because your sole source of traffic can be taken away as quick as a hiccup. Ready to start diversifying where your traffic comes from, but […]

Have You Really Taken a Panda/Penguin Hit?


I can’t tell you how many times I receive emails from prospective clients who swear they’ve been affected by Google’s Panda or Penguin updates.  While there are tons of sites out there that have legitimately been hit, I’ve yet to come across one. For instance, one site had a decrease in conversions in people clicking […]

Landing Page Basics Series: How Long Should it Be?

“How long should my pages/copy be?”  It has to be one of the first questions I get about landing page creation and writing copy.  There are landing pages in all shapes and sizes from ultra-short to super-long.  So, which is best for your product/service? The answer to that is multi-part. You have to look at […]

Landing Page Basics Series: Matching Triggers with Landing Pages

Karon Thackstonad@2min If you own an ecommerce site, you’ll want to pick up a copy of my “Ecommerce Copywriting” ebook (published by Wordtracker).  It will walk you through how to use category and other pages as landing pages (among many other things!). Karon Thackston is a Certified Landing Page Specialist. Looking for website pages that […]

Copywriting Tips: Review of Franken Signs Copy

Here’s the Problem/Solution/Proof video I mentioned when reviewing the Franken Signs copy. If you found this post valuable, others might, too. Please share (below) on your favorite social media sites. Thanks! Send to Kindle

Landing Page Optimization Series: The Basics

Think a landing page is your home page? Believe you can use one general landing page for every purpose? From understanding the importance of the trigger to building trust, I’ll guide you through the important how-tos of creating landing pages that work.