Should You Have Copy on Your Demo/Download Pages?

I recently saw a post on the Which Test Won blog that caught my attention. The email announcing the test results had a subject line that read: How Much Content Does Your Page Need to Convert The content of the email said this: Finding the perfect balance of content is hard; sometimes too much content is […]

Web Page Review: Differentiating Yourself from the Competition (Horse Wear Site)

If there is one thing that most website owners struggle with it is differentiating their businesses from the competition.  This was one of the issues my team of web experts identified when we reviewed our latest winner: a custom horse wear site. The design, copy and conversion elements we pointed out to the owner wouldn’t […]

How Your Visitors (Unknowingly) Send Quality Signals to Google

Since the initial launch of Google’s Panda update in 2011, the “Q” word has become commonplace in SEO, copywriting and content marketing circles.  We should have been paying attention to quality from the beginning (who wants to be known for publishing junk?).  Now, more than ever, it appears Google is looking to our visitors to […]

Landing Page Basics Series: How Long Should it Be?

“How long should my pages/copy be?”  It has to be one of the first questions I get about landing page creation and writing copy.  There are landing pages in all shapes and sizes from ultra-short to super-long.  So, which is best for your product/service? The answer to that is multi-part. You have to look at […]

How to Optimize Copy When You Can’t Use Keywords

When you’re writing with keywords, you really have to think outside the box. We typically get stuck and have tunnel vision when we write SEO copy and it sounds forced and stiff. The keywords get inserted the same way over and over. But there are so many different methods (like the one listed here) for using search terms when you write.

Is Your Search Engine Copy All-Natural & Organic?

From the early days of search engine optimization, keywords and content have always been vital to achieving your goals.  Starting back in the days when we used to shove every slightly relevant keyword into our META tags, it has been obvious that search engines love text.  The more complex and sophisticated the engines have gotten […]

Web Page Review: Best Move

About once a month, my team of experts and I get together and thoroughly pick apart a web page from one of my Marketing Words Newsletter subscribers.  (With the site owner’s permission (and blessing), of course.) The goal is to offer extensive ways to improve rankings and conversions. During the process, you can also look […]

Website Review: Design, SEO & Hosting

It takes some guts to submit your website for public critique, so I always extend my sincere thanks to those who offer up their work for my group of pros to pick apart in the name of improvement.  We all recognize how hard it is to design & optimize a site that works well and […]

How Long Should My Copy Be?

This has to be one of the most frequent questions I get asked about writing website copy.  I can understand why.  It seems everywhere you look there is different advice about how many words/pages it takes to sell a widget.  When you lay out all the different pieces to the puzzle, however, it gets easier […]

SEO Copywriting Q&A with Karon Thackston

Karon Thackston answers questions about using keywords in ALT tags, which pictures work best with copy/content and whether the keyword META tag is actually as dead as people say.