Everybody loves to get something free or at a deep discount. I’m no exception. Give me 70% off and I’m a happy girl.  I’ve run across a few free offers that I’ve personally taken advantage of and thought you might enjoy as well.  Yes, some of these do use my affiliate links so if you should end up purchasing a paid product later on, I will likely get a commission from the sale.

If you know of any others I should consider adding to the list, please let me know.


Keyword Research Tools

7-Day, Full-Version Wordtracker Trial with 7 Training Videos & Keyword Basics Ebook

This is one of the best trials I’ve encountered because it comes with the how-to videos and keyword guide.  I use Wordtracker for all my keyword research and love it.  Gives me so much more info than simple search counts (which are a very unreliable source for making decisions) and lets me easily find/sort/analyze the details of each search term to find the very best ones.

Google AdWords Keyword Tool

This is a free tool, but keep in mind that the info you’re receiving is pulled from AdWords accounts.  You get a monthly search count and general indicator of what PPC competition levels are associated with each term. Great for quickie searches or a starting point for further research.



Lynn Terry’s Self Starters Weekly Tips Live Internet Marketing Webinars

Once a week, Internet Queen Lynn Terry lets people pick her brain about all things marketing. She also brings in special guests every now and then to share their wealth of knowledge. Here are 2 I did with Lynn.

Karon Being Interviewed by Lynn Terry about Copywriting – 90 Minutes



Copywriting Makeovers – Free when you subscribe to my blog. (Use red form in top, right-hand corner.) You also get a free target audience worksheet PDF.

Make Your Words Sell – Originally published over 10 years ago, but still an excellent resource.

Make Your Content Pre-Sell – A unique take on setting up mini-sites to pre-sell other products.



We-We Calculator – I’m constantly preaching, “Don’t ‘we’ all over your copy!”  The good folks at Future Now actually created a cute (and accurate) little tool called the We-We Calculator.  It tells you if your copy is too company focused.

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