The Wonders of Neuromarketing Copywriting

Below are the resources I mentioned in the video.

Fast Company Article

Neuromarketing Principles:

1. Don’t make it all about you.

2. Don’t take too long.

3.  Seeing is better than reading.

4.  Strong start… finish big.

5.  Stay simple.

6.  Employ emotion.

My Step-by-Step Copywriting Course students have already learned and implemented this on their sites. <wink>

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  1. Thanks Karen for the information. I’m interested to read the article in Fast Magazine that you’ve mentioned in the video., although I’m not sure if I can get hold of a copy here in Singapore. The magazine distributors here import limited copies and they usually sell out fast (no pun intended!). Is that the March issue?

  2. If you click “Fast Company Article” above, it links to the piece on the Fast Company website, Judy.

  3. “Weeing all over yourself.”
    I just weeeed myself. Love that so much.

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