What’s Your Google Gibberish Score?

Did you know Google has a “gibberish score?” It’s true! And they rank each of your web pages and blog posts to see if you are using low-quality, mechanically-produced copy and content.

Some common practices are now on Google’s watch list and can get your pages demoted in the rankings.

Even pages with high-value keywords and phrases are in danger of losing rank if Google deems them as gibberish. I’ve got all the details for you in this quick explanation.

Got five minutes?

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For over 25 years, web & SEO copywriter Karon Thackston has created optimized copy and content that has increased conversions & search rankings. Find out more about Karon on Google+.


  1. Thanks for this information. It seems that every couple of months someone tries to sell me a “spinning program” I did purchase “written for you” content from the “$5.00” market in the past. But after spending hours correcting everything to make it readable, I decided it was better just to write it myself or purchase some high quality PLR (Nicole Dean level) and rewrite that giving it my own personality. It seems that Google is going to keep working at cleaning up the web, which is a good thing.

    • I agree… cleaning up the Web is a good thing 🙂 And you are 100% right. It doesn’t save money if you pay $5 for an article and then spend 2 hours rewriting it. But people seem to have this aversions to spending money for content/copy sometimes that escapes me. The value from content comes in 2 ways. First, your own readers should find value in it. And second, if you are writing something that you want shared as a guest post, etc., it needs to be of high enough quality that some other blog would be proud to post it for their audience to read.

      I understand that those just starting out don’t have a huge budget and they try to do as much as they can themselves. But when doing it yourself is actually costing you leads/sales/exposure/search rankings because what you’re doing is of poor quality……. go figure.

      And yes… Nicole Dean rocks! 😉
      Karon Thackston recently posted..Matt Cutts on Google’s Updated SEO Copywriting StrategyMy Profile

  2. As always, a very information video and thanks, Karon! (And thank you, Chef William, for the Nicole Dean reference. Definitely worth checking out. . . )

  3. Debra Torres
    Twitter @

    Hi Karon,
    Things are looking better and better for content writers isn’t it? Makes sense really. Glad to be in the right trade!
    Not sure if you already said it, but is there a way to check the “gibberish score” on any given website?

  4. Hey Karen!
    Great video, as usual. I was wondering: do you know HOW to find out what Google’s “gibberish score” for your site/pages is? Or has that information not been released yet? (Most of the additional research I’ve done gives similar information.)

  5. Karon – you’re awesome. I always love the way you keep us on the straight and narrow. That’s why the NAMS community loves you…

    Appreciate you a lot.

    David Perdew recently posted..NAMS12 – New Date AnnouncedMy Profile

  6. I hadn’t heard about this, but am glad! Thanks for the info, Karen.
    Kelly Boyer Sagert recently posted..Vulnerability in writing: how to make your writing more emotionally realMy Profile

  7. You bet, Kelly! Thanks for dropping by.
    Karon Thackston recently posted..Should You Have Copy on Your Demo/Download Pages?My Profile

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