Earn More While Working Less… Without Having To Create Courses, Work With Clients or Be Chained To A Computer 10 Hours A Day

More money in less time. That’s the lure of affiliate marketing. But is it real?

There’s an evolution many online businesses go through. Maybe you’ll recognize your own business journey from:

  • Done-for-you services or consulting.
  • Digital products to serve a larger audience (and free up some of your time).
  • Passive income efforts that bring in cash and shrink your workday to just a couple of hours.

It’s that last one that really captures our attention. The promise of free money seems almost too good to be true, but serious affiliate marketers know the appeal of:

  • No team of contractors to pay as you do with product creation.
  • No payment processing, hosting, shopping cart or other “cost of doing business” fees to pay.
  • No time spent creating products (or supporting them).

With all of those perks, affiliate marketing does seem very much like free money.

The only problem is…

Inconsistent and Unpredictable Commissions Are No Way to Run a Business

If you’ve tried to turn affiliate marketing into a solid income stream without success, then you know what we’re talking about here. You have bills to pay, and it’s hard enough to do that without the dramatic ups and downs most affiliate marketers face.

One month, you’ll strike gold with a well-timed promotion, and the next it’s crickets.

Then there’s the sometimes long delay between making a sale and actually getting paid, and it’s easy to see why affiliate marketing can be frustrating for some business owners.

The Solution is Simple… Once You Know It

Imagine being able to count on those commission checks just as you do retainer fees and product sales.

Consider what it would mean to your bottom line if you started earning consistent profits with little effort.

That’s exactly what can happen when you implement good affiliate marketing strategies.

But First… Can you Answer “Yes” to These Statements?

  • I have made at least a couple of sales from promoting my own products or affiliate products.
  • I understand the concepts of affiliate marketing, but not necessarily how to make it work for my business.
  • I have at least a small list or social following … someone to promote affiliate products to.

If so, keep reading to find out precisely how to improve and grow your affiliate income using the same methods two successful online marketers have done for years.

Introducing Affiliate Success Strategies, the extensive workshop hosted by Karon Thackston and Cindy Bidar—two smart online business owners who have learned the secret of maximizing commissions while minimizing the time invested.

Here’s what they have in store for you in this virtual workshop:

Session 1: Where and What to Promote to Maximize Your Affiliate Commissions (Approximately 1 Hour)

In this session, Karon will walk you through exactly how she leverages her online assets for higher affiliate commissions, including:

  • The often untold advantages to being an affiliate.
  • 7 favorite ways to share affiliate offers (and at least one you’ve probably never thought to try)
  • How to use your blog to earn more commissions (try these specific post types for even more success)
  • Top tips for email marketing success (including some tried-and-true subject lines that make bank)
  • Repurposing strategies that turn continual affiliate promotions into evergreen sources of recurring income.
  • How to work with affiliate managers to make your life easier.

By the end of this session, you’ll have a clear picture of what to promote to your audience, where and how to make affiliate offers, how to earn more with less effort.

Session 2: How to Make Affiliate Marketing Effortless with Better Systems and Organization (Approximately 1 Hour)

In this session, Cindy’s going to give you a behind-the-scenes look at how she sets up and manages her own affiliate marketing efforts, including:

  • How she makes commissions on autopilot with a copy-and-paste technique every email marketer should be using (but many aren’t).
  • The critical step most affiliate marketers ignore (and why it costs them in lost sales and wasted effort).
  • How (and why) she sends two or more emails on most days—and without causing her subscribers to reach for the unsubscribe link.

By the end of this session, you’ll have the strategy you need to better organize your campaigns and increase your commissions, too.

Get Affiliate Success Strategies:
How to Multiply Your Passive Income in 30 Days

Only $97

Who are Karon and Cindy?

Karon Thackston has owned Marketing Words since 1999. Starting from a desire to get out of the corporate marketing world and do her own thing, she drew on her strength as a content and copywriter when launching her biz.

With a borrowed Packard Bell computer (that had 2 MEG of RAM!) and a rickety, used desk stuffed into the corner of her dining room, she began a journey that would evolve into a multiple-six-figure income with plenty of time left over for pickleball.

Over the last 20+ years, she has successfully morphed her biz from full-time service company to digital course creator and affiliate.

Now she’s ready to show you how she’s turned a trickle of commissions into more than six figures of passive income annually.
Cindy Bidar began her online career in 2010 as a part-time copy and content writer, but she quickly found a love of marketing, and all the techy bits that make it work. In 2011, she ditched a stressful, underpaid day job to launch a virtual assistant business from a tiny home office, and soon had a full roster of clients.

For 8 years, she managed the marketing operations for 6- and 7-figure coaches, course creators and digital information sellers before turning her focus to creating training resources online entrepreneurs need to systemize and automate their sales funnels… and make more money, too!

She recently got serious about affiliate marketing, and has grown her affiliate earnings from a few dollars per year to an average of $3,000 or more monthly. In this workshop, she’s sharing all the tricks she’s learned along the way. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Affiliate Success Strategies

What if I have questions or get stuck?
Post your questions conveniently in the course area and both Karon and Cindy will be happy to help!

I’m new to affiliate marketing. Is this for me?

Probably not. The strategies and techniques we’re teaching in this workshop assume you’re already promoting affiliate products to your community, and that you want to improve your profit margin. We won’t be teaching how to determine which affiliate products are the best fits for your audience.

I want to increase the size of my list to improve my affiliate sales. Will you cover list building?

List building could be its own workshop because it has so many aspects. For this training, we'll stick to finding affiliate products, promoting them effectively and ways to improve your sales.

Have you been wanting and wishing you could have more affiliate income (and make a good portion of it passively)? Now’s the time to make yourself a rockstar affiliate!

Get Affiliate Success Strategies:
How to Multiply Your Passive Income in 30 Days

Only $97

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