Everything You Need to List and Sell These
Life-Changing, Done-for-You Self-Growth Affirmation Cards

Not just private label rights product files, but all the other materials, too!

Did you know that, in today’s global environment, our self-esteem and perceived worth are constantly under attack? Did you also know that daily affirmations are a proven way to increase self-growth and self-worth?

According to a National Institutes of Health study (#PMC4814782):

When people use self-affirmation, their brains light up in specific areas. This seems to help them feel better about themselves and more motivated to be active. It's like a little mental boost that encourages them to take action. [paraphrase]

Whether it’s improving self-esteem, overcoming challenges, opening up to new adventures or learning to have a positive body image, affirmation cards extremely important. These tools assist with achieving goals and growing into everything we want to be.

Ready to put some daily affirmation cards in your shop?
I’ve done all the product, mockups, copy & more for you!

This PLR kit with 30 done-for-you daily affirmation cards with self-growth quotes is a phenomenal addition to your website store or Etsy shop. I’ve made it super simple for you to get this product up and selling fast so you can not only help people, but earn an income, too!

And because this is PLR, you can use these affirmation cards with a full commercial license.

Use this kit as-is or tweak it a bit to make it your very own (recommended).

Here’s the Proof 

It didn’t take me but a few minutes of scrolling on Etsy to find out that positive affirmation cards sell really well!

How Much Can You Make?

You know that depends on several things, but here are a few examples.

  • If you sell just one set of affirmation card deck per day for $4.79 (an average) you’ll make $143.70/month.
  • If you sell two per day, you’d make $287.40/month.
  • Three per day… $431.10/month.

If your Etsy shop already has lots of traffic, you could be looking at hundreds or even thousands of per month!

30 Affirmation Cards for Self-Growth & Body Image PLR Kit

Only $47

Here’s What’s Included with Your PLR Self-Growth Affirmation Cards Set

  • Done-for-you set of 30 daily affirmation cards with self-growth quotes
  • Tag ideas for you to choose from
  • Done-for-you description copy
  • Done-for-you title copy
  • Done-for-you mockup set
  • Done-for-you product video
  • Individual PNG product images
  • PDF file with deliverable affirmation cards
  • Editable customer deliverable document Canva link
  • Editable product files in Canva

Commercial resale license (do’s & don’ts)

You may:

✅  Edit & brand the cards.


✅ Sell them or give away as a finished product in PDF or PNG format only.


You may not:


Resell or share the source materials (or pieces of the source materials).

❌ Resell or share the Canva links

Product & Listing Materials

Product files are created in Canva.

You will need to have a free Canva account and be familiar with how to edit files using Canva.

Support documents are downloadable has MS Word files which can easily be opened in Google Docs.

You’ll be all set and ready to sell in no time flat!

30 Affirmation Cards for Self-Growth & Body Image PLR Kit

Only $47

About Karon Thackston

Since 1999, I've owned and operated Marketing Words, specializing in helping entrepreneurs entice, engage and earn more.

Over the last 2 years, I've discovered the brilliance of selling quick, easy-to-make digital products on Etsy.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Self-Growth Affirmation Cards

Q: Will I need to do anything else besides use what is included in this kit?

A: I’ve put together just about all the creative stuff you need. You will want to do a bit of setup such as choose your category, set your price, decide whether or not to include the listing in Etsy Ads, etc.

Q: Is everything in the products and creative materials legal with Canva?

A: Yes. To the best of my knowledge, only the types of images/graphics/photos that Canva allows to be used in a paid product are included.

Q: Will I need a paid Canva Pro account?

A: You can use a free or paid Canva account.

Q: What is your refund policy?

A: We support our PLR products, so, if you have issues with them not working properly, please contact us. Because this is a private label rights product and you will receive all the materials after your purchase, refunds are not provided.

Q: What does your commercial resale license include?

A: What you MAY do:

✅ Edit & brand the affirmation cards for your business

✅ Sell them or give away as a finished product in PDF or PNG format only

You MAY NOT do:

❌ Resell or share the source materials

❌ Resell or share pieces of the source materials such as individual images/pages/etc.

❌ Resell or share the Canva links to editable materials

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