Better Than A Blog Post Template...

Blog Post Shortcuts Inspire & Empower You To Write Unique Blog Posts… Fast

Even If You’ve Tried A Typical Blog Post Template Or PLR Before

If you’ve been blogging for more than a week, you know inspiration is a fickle beast!

That’s why smart bloggers look for a consistent source of ideas. But a simple list of titles or blog post suggestions doesn’t get you very far.

Let me introduce you to Blog Post Shortcuts. 

  • 100% customizable for practically any niche.
  • Reusable an unlimited number of times for an unlimited number of posts.
  • Way better than an ordinary blog post template that have mostly blank lines.
  • Not Private Label Rights (PLR) content that is completely pre-written for you. Your posts will be in your voice.
  • Seriously cheaper than hiring a ghostwriter, plus you get to show off your own unique writing talent with a hefty dash of added inspiration!

I call these Blog Post Shortcuts because they stir your creativity, generate ideas, and offer guidance as you quickly write your own blog post in your own voice/style.


"I wrote an advertorial in a magazine based on your Blog Post Shortcuts and got a high-ticket client as a result! So, they don't only have to be used for blogging. They apply to pretty much any kind of persuasive writing. Your Blog Post Shortcuts are a real game-changer for me!" 
Shelley M - Ph.D., Coach

Inside each Blog Post Shortcut, you'll find:

  • A type of blog post and how to make it work for you
  • Quick research resources
  • Guidance and inspiration on crafting titles
  • Blog post title suggestions
  • Opening paragraph tips
  • How to write the body of the post
  • Call-to-action ideas
  • Monetization ideas
  • Search optimization recommendations
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Cindy Bidar


Even for someone who loves to write as I do, staring at that blank white blog-post editor can be intimidating. I love how Karon's Blog Post Shortcuts quickly get my creativity flowing.

I recently used one of her Blog Post Shortcuts to help with my weekly content plan. I had an idea in mind, but I didn't quite know which direction to go with it and I was feeling stuck. The post was a hit with my readers, my affiliates, and my customers, too. It's been shared more than 100 times and has added 48 brand new email subscribers in just a couple of weeks. ~ 
Cindy Bidar - Digital Strategist,

(Each Blog Post Shortcut contains multiple pages and worksheets.)


Karon's blog posts are always so meaty and good, and now that I've seen these Blog Post Shortcuts for myself, I know why! I can tell these are going to make writing and researching content so much easier while making sure I'm giving my readers the information they want and need. ~ Suzanne Farmer - Solopreneur

New Blog Post Shortcuts 3-Pack

Delivered as PDF Documents with a Personal Use License.

Blog Post Shortcuts are not available as PLR for resale.

Be Better At 3-Pack

Help your readers achieve their best by showing them how to be better at whatever they do.

  • Get Over It
  • Obsession
  • How To Be Better At _____

  (Normally $35
  Only $27

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Best-Selling Blog Post Shortcuts 3-Packs
Delivered as PDF Documents. Personal Use Only. No Commercial License Included.

Wrong to Right

Life isn't always a Disney movie. Things go wrong. Show them what it takes to overcome and thrive! Includes: 

  • Losing Can Help You Win
  • Something Wrong? Make It Right
  • Something's Broken? Here's The Fix

  (Normally $35) 
  Only $27

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Overcomer 3-Pack
Inspire & encourage your readers with blog posts that focus on turning problems into solutions.

  • The Downside
  • Problem Solver Special
  • Why You Should Never

  (Normally $35) 
  Only $27

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Reviews 3-Pack

Not ordinary review posts! These Shortcuts show you 3 unique ways to write review blog posts that shine! (Great for affiliates!) Includes:

  • Single-Product Review
  • 2-Product Standoff
  • Case Study 2.0

  (Normally $35) 
  Only $27

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Popular Blog Post Shortcuts 3-Packs
Delivered as PDF Documents. Personal Use Only. No Commercial License Included.

Get Personal 3-Pack 

Make a stronger personal connection (and build greater loyalty) with your readers while providing useful info they'll love. Includes:

  • Awesome Transition
  • Why I Don’t ____
  • How Well Do You Know Me?

  (Normally $35) 
  Only $27

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Spotlight 3-Pack 

Introducing your readers to other smart people makes you the hero and they will thank you! (Great for affiliates, too!) Includes:

  • Agree or Disagree?
  • Insider Interviews
  • The (Famous Person) Guide To...

  (Normally $35) 
  Only $27

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Stay On Track 3-Pack

These shortcuts give you the perfect way to guide your readers all year long. Includes:

  • First Quarter Kickoff
  • Mid-Year Checkup
  • Fourth Quarter Wrap Up

  (Normally $35) 
  Only $27

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Truth 3-Pack

Enlighten your audience to what is really in their best interest by revealing the truth in 3 unique ways. Includes:

  • What a Hack
  • Busting Myths
  • Predictions (Right or Wrong)

  (Normally $35) 
  Only $27

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Repurposing 3-Pack

When constant content creation bogs you down, use these quick & clever ways to repurpose old posts and create totally new ones on the fly!

  • Blog Post Roundups
  • My, How Things Have Changed
  • Select and Solve

  (Normally $35) 
  Only $27

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Sampler 3-Pack

This diverse collection of Blog Post Shortcuts gives you 3 clever blog types to create posts that will impress your readers!

  • Do This, Not That 
  • Special Expertise
  • Why Best Practices Aren't Always Best

  (Normally $35) 
  Only $27

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"I got your Blog Post Shortcuts and I wasn't expecting much. But, it is actually a shortcut and quite a good one at that! I've gone through the material and it's just what I need. I like the expert part considering the EAT guidelines. And his is coming from someone who has been blogging since 2015. Seriously, thanks!"-
Aisha Ka 


Who would benefit most from Blog Post Shortcuts?

Bloggers who want to write their own posts in their own voice, but need a creativity boost. Blog Post Shortcuts are more than a general idea. They guide you, ask questions, and generate inspiration. Whether you're an online marketer, coach, virtual assistant, ghostwriter, service provider, or copywriter, you'll love these!

Are these specific to a particular niche?

Blog Post Shortcuts will guide you to crafting an amazing blog post in any niche. They are 100% customizable to your blog.

Can each Blog Post Shortcut only be used once?

You can use each Blog Post Shortcut you buy numerous times to write a variety of posts.

Is this a blog post template that just has lines?

Blog Post Shortcuts are not like blog post templates. They ask probing questions that provoke inspiring thoughts and encourage ideas. They get you over halfway there making blog post research and writing way faster with seriously better outcomes. MUCH more than a bunch of lines can offer.

Are Blog Post Shortcuts the same as private label rights (PLR) content?

Blog Post Shortcuts are not PLR. They do not come with resale rights. But they can be used over and over again to help you easily create masterful blog posts your readers will clamor for.

Are Blog Post Shortcuts just for blog posts?

In actuality, I probably should have called them Content Shortcuts because people who have bought Blog Post Shortcuts have also found great success using them for:

  • Podcast episode ideas
  • Facebook Live fodder
  • YouTube video ideas
  • Email content inspiration
  • Advertorial guidance
  • And much more!

PLUS Q&A Support

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"Your resources I can honestly say are fantastic and make so much sense. I bless the day that I came across you on the internet.
Rachel Bunger

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