4 Easy Ways to Turn Your Blog Posts into List-Building, Money-Making Ebooks

What happens after you spend all that time researching and writing a blog post? You probably share it on social media. I’d guess you also email it to your list.

But then what?

After the initial flurry, do your posts just sit dormant on your blog? Don’t you wish there was a way you could use them to:

Grow Your List

Give away blog posts you turned into an ebook as an incentive to subscribe to your list.

Get New Clients

Choose blog posts that will help your clients with specific tasks and give it to them as a sign-up bonus.

Make Product Sales

Compile a collection of several blog posts and turn them into an ebook you can sell.

Make MORE Sales

Add that collection of posts to your existing products as a bump offer to increase your monthly sales total.

Earn Affiliate Commissions

Handpick a blog post or two and turn them into a free ebook that promotes an affiliate product (or two).

Engage Your List

Offer periodic gifts to your list to earn their trust and appreciation and keep them engaged.

You can! And without writing a single word or having any design skills.

When you take just a few minutes (usually between five to 20 minutes) you can quickly create professional-looking ebooks.

How to Guide: Turn Blog Posts Into Ebooks

Only $17

I’ll Show You 4 Simple & Quick Ways to Turn Your Blog Posts Into Ebooks

Using your choice of four different free and paid tools (that you may already own), I’ll walk you step-by-step through video demos so you can watch each approach and learn.

I’ll tell you which is my very favorite (and why) and which one is popular, but my last choice because it’s tedious and very time-consuming.

This training was purposely created to be concise and direct. No fluff or unnecessary filler information.

In under an hour, you’ll have the knowledge and skill to confidently and quickly turn your blog posts into list-building, money-making, business-growing ebooks at will.

What’s Included

  • 3 video demos that walk you through the basics of 4 different ebook-creation processes. Two are free. Two are paid, and affordable. The videos only take a few minutes to watch… you can start turning blog posts into ebooks in no time!
  • Step-by-step cheat sheets that highlight what’s in the video. Print them out and keep them handy, so you can zip right through the process every time.
  • Blog post conversion worksheet to make sure you have everything you need lined up before you start the process of creating ebooks, so it goes as fast as possible.

About Karon Thackston

Since 1999, I've owned and operated Marketing Words, specializing in helping entrepreneurs entice, engage and earn more.

Over the last 2 years, I've discovered the brilliance of turning blog posts into ebooks that I can use in all sorts of ways to grow my business and improve my bottom line.

Now I'm sharing the exact tools, ideas and planner sheets I use, so you can grow your list, get more clients, make more and do it fast.

If you’ve been looking for an easy way to repurpose what you already have and grow your side hustle or business, turning blog posts into ebooks is it! Find out how now.

How to Guide: Turn Blog Posts Into Ebooks

Only $17

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