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Why are All Your Blog Posts, Podcasts & Videos Just Sitting There?
Get More Traffic, Subscribers & Sales (With Less Work) Using These Templates

Did you know that, according to a BrightEdge study,

53.3% Increase


“Organic search share of traffic increased to 53.3% on average across industries with the use of consistent content creation and sharing.”

Plus, Demand Metric reports that:

3X the Leads

demand metric

“Content marketing generates 3x as many leads as traditional marketing, and costs 62% less.”

Because creating content and sharing it across the Worldwide Web is time consuming (and often brain numbing) a huge number of content creators just don’t have the time.

Tisk, tisk.

Hear me when I say that getting more traffic and earning more income is very possible when you consistently share what you already have (or create) with others. You can significantly increase the:

  • Size of your list
  • Number of social followers
  • Amount of podcast/video subscribers
  • Traffic to blog posts
  • Sales of your/affiliate products or services
  • And more

But let’s be real. I am a lazy marketer and want to do everything with the least amount of work possible. So, I created a system of templates and checklists to seriously speed up the process.

And, since I’d already done 86.2% of the work for you, I thought I’d package up and share my own templates and worksheets so you could get done super-fast.

The Content Marketing Funnel Templates Kit Takes You Step-by-Step from Publishing to Profit

  • Description Template – Create a comprehensive description of your video, podcast, blog post or other content to provide useful information to followers.
  • Ad Template –Position this professionally designed ad template (editable in Canva) in your blog, video slide, show notes, etc. to direct people to the buy page of your upsell.
  • Announcement Email Template – Let your list know your new content is ready for them and instantly drive lots of visitors to your content.
  • Social Media Post Templates – Release your new content to the world with social media posts resized for a variety of different sites. (Editable in Canva.)
  • Social Media Captions – Not sure what to say when you post on social media? No worries! A list of topic-specific captions is included.
  • Email Campaign for Upsell Follow-Up –Use this email follow-up campaign to remind your folks not to miss the special offer you made in your content.
  • Content Funnel Checklist – Make sure you never miss a step when you use this handy checklist/tracker.

FREE BONUS:  X vs. Y Comparison Content Starter Guide [$36 Value]

Need help with creating content? Comparison posts, videos and podcasts are applicable to almost every niche and they are wildly popular. 

In your free bonus, I outline each step to make it as easy as possible for you to compare practically any two things in a blog post, podcast, video or other content your audience will love.

Comparison Topics Are Very Popular

Whether you are comparing meatloaf to Salisbury steak or Bluehost to GoDaddy, people love it when you make choosing between two things easier.

Use an Unlimited Number of Times

Because the content starters are based on topics, they can easily be turned in to a huge variety of posts, podcast, videos or other content.

Applies to Almost All Niches

Practically every niche can help its following by making a useful comparison between two things that are important to that niche.


“What I most love about Karon’s products is the way she explains things and the “perfectly clarifying” examples she provides. She seems to understand the questions in my head and delivers answers I can immediately use. That’s why I enjoy being a part of her community. Karon is a caring, good-hearted person, someone I am proud to know.” Mary Morris, -

Personal Use Digital Download

The Content Marketing Funnel Kit is a set of digital files that can be downloaded instantly and used immediately.

The templates are for personal use and do not include a resale license. The templates may not be copied, given away, sold, or shared.

Templates are not available as private label rights (PLR) and may not be resold.

Of course, that depends on several factors, but here are some conservative examples.

"Thank you SO much! Everything that you sell is so well done! I'm a new freelancer in marketing and I just love your stuff. Your products are simple, straightforward, and most of all helpful. I'm a super-fan!"
Monica H.

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