How to Turn Your Blog Posts into Passive Income by Quickly Repurposing Your Content & Creating Printables to Sell on Etsy

How many posts have you written for your blog so far? Dozens? Hundreds? Thousands?

And what is the lifetime value of each of those posts?

If you simply add each one to your blog, and let it sit there for all eternity, you may gain a few subscribers who eventually buy. If you include an upsell in the post, you may earn a trickle of immediate passive income.

Multiply the number of monthly sales and subscribers by 36 months (average lifetime value) and you’ll get an candid idea of just how much good your blog is actually doing you.

But what if there were an easy way to turn those moldy old blog posts into shiny new printables that you could use to:

Make Products to Sell

Add printables to your own site, Etsy, or other shops, and your stagnate blog posts will start making you passive income.

Land Clients

Select a few blog posts and make a quick printables pack to give as a welcome gift for new clients.

Get More Subscribers

Give away the printables you create and watch your subscriber base grow!

Make MORE Sales

Add a printable to your existing product checkout page as a special offer to increase your monthly sales.

Earn Affiliate Commissions

You can also use the printables you make to promote affiliate products… a whole other passive income stream!

Make Your List Love You

Once or twice a month you can send your existing subscribers a printable for free. Just to show how much you care.

Best of all… You can do everything and hardly write a single word because you are using repurposed content to create printables for Etsy or your site.

Double the Lifetime Value of Each Blog Post

When you take just a few minutes (usually between 15 to 30 each) you can quickly create a huge variety of printables that will significantly boost the lifetime value of each blog post you write.

For example, let's say that over the course of three years, you got on average 10 new subscribers per blog post and about $50 from upsells or commissions per month. That's $1,800 over the lifetime of the post.

Take that same post and spend a few minutes creating a printable you can sell for $10 on Etsy or your site. Even if you only sold 10 each month you could easily end up with a lifetime value of $3,600. That’s double the dollars!

Blog Post Printables: Repurpose Your Existing Content into Passive Income

Only $47

I'll Reveal My Quick Tips for Extracting Simple Printables from Your Blog Posts so You Can Increase Your Income… Passively

If you know where to look and how to choose the right details from your blog posts, you’ll discover a never-ending supply of printables ideas. Each of those ideas can become at least one printable you can sell in your Etsy shop, on your website or any place else.

That’s exactly what Blog Post Printables: Repurpose Your Existing Content into Passive Income is all about.

And it is not nearly as complicated as you might think. In fact, in less than one hour, you can learn everything you need to know to:

  • Scan your blog posts (or an affiliate partner’s posts, with permission)
  • Find the ones with the most potential
  • Extract the bits and pieces needed
  • Create popular printables to sell

What’s Included in Blog Post Printables: Repurpose Your Existing Content into Passive Income

  • 4 short videos that take you step by step through finding and outlining printables that you repurpose from existing blog content. And they only take a few minutes to watch… you can start turning blog posts into passive income in no time!
  • Handy cheat sheets that highlight what’s in the video so you can keep them right by your side for easy reference.
  • Blog post-to-printables worksheet to make sure you have everything you need lined up before you start the process, so it goes as fast as possible.


This training focuses on helping you find information in your blog posts

you can use for printables. It does not teach how to design printables.

About Karon Thackston

Since 1999, I've owned and operated Marketing Words, specializing in helping entrepreneurs entice, engage and earn more.

Recently, I've discovered how to significantly increase my income just by turning my existing blog posts into useful, profitable printables.

Now I'm sharing the exact ideas and planner sheets I use, so you can grow your list, get more clients, make more and do it fast. All from simply repurposing blog post you already have.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Do I have to have my own blog posts in order to use the method you teach in Blog Post Printables: Repurpose Your Existing Content into Passive Income?

A:  You do not. If you do not have any existing blog content you can write new posts or use posts from an affiliate product’s blog (with permission).

Q: Will you show me how to design the different types of printables?

A: There are literally hundreds of types of printables that could be used depending on the type of blog you have, your target audience, and other factors. This course does not go through how to make all the different types of printables. I do provide a resource list in case you need more information or training on how to make the printables you want to sell.

Q: Does my blog have to be very popular for me to repurpose my posts into printables?

A: Nope! It doesn’t matter if you have one site visitor per month or 100,000.

Q: Will this method work with any post on any type of blog?

A: Pretty much! The blog does need to have enough content to extract from. If your blog posts are extremely short (250 words, for example) that may not give you enough material to work with.

Why waste all that content you’ve written when it can quickly be repurposed into a profitable passive income source that grows your revenue and your list?

Blog Post Printables: Repurpose Your Existing Content into Passive Income

Only $47

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