Uncover Specific Triggers That Motivate Your Target Customer Profile & Improve All Your Marketing Results

Even if you don't know where to start!

What’s the difference between copy that adds cha-ching to your bank account and copy that produces nothing but a chorus of deafening silence? In a word: personalization.

Sure, you can create a web page, landing page, social post, blog post, video, infographic, or pretty much any other type of marketing piece that gets at least a few sales/leads. But building a connection with your reader or viewer that generates enough trust and confidence for them to eagerly give you their money; that’s the holy grail of marketing communication.

Have you ever paid attention to Subaru ads?

Here are some things that are almost always present:

  • Pets
  • Outdoor scenes (camping, hiking, etc.)
  • People dressed in casual clothes
  • Family
  • Safety

Safety and family make sense, but why pets, hiking and clothes? That has nothing to do with a car.

But it has everything to do with the people who buy Subaru cars, the things they love and the lifestyle they live.

Guessing at who your customer profile consists of means leaving a whole bucketload of money on the table. Why would anyone want to do that?

What's the Solution? Easy Customer Profile Creation!

Just imagine how much more profitable all your marketing will be once you're able to connect with your customers on a personal level. With a list of actual words, likes, dislikes, colors, and other details, you can quickly key in on what your audience needs and wants, building trust and sales!

Through the detailed video and handy worksheet included in Easy Customer Profile Creation, you’ll learn:

  • Who the real hero of your copy should be.
  • How your brain is naturally built to tailor each message to the proper audience without even thinking about it.
  • 7 simple ways to unlock vital information about your customers, so you can flip their buying triggers.
  • 3 types of graphics you need to consider when compiling an accurate customer persona.
  • 12 places to quickly find out more about those who make up your marketing persona.
  • How to choose specific words that will instantly connect with your customer avatar.
  • Real-life examples of how customer profiles cause your marketing pieces to resonate on a real-world level.
  • How to create your own customer profiles full of juicy details you can use immediately to boost the personalization and connection power of your copy, videos, images, social posts, and any other piece of marketing.

Plus 2 exclusive bonuses

How to Create a Customer Profile Vision Board (PDF) - A quickstart guide that outlines easy steps for developing a fun visual representation of your target client persona. You'll be inspired and empowered to make stronger connections through your marketing each time you use it!

Your purchase gets you Q&A Support - Have questions about the material? Ask them right inside the course!

How do you actually use customer profiles?

All too often, marketers create marketing personas only to have them sit, collecting virtual dust. In addition to showing you the easy way to create a customer profile, I'll also tell you how to put those golden nuggets into action!

Depending on the information you collect about your marketing persona(s), it can be used in an unlimited number of ways such as:

  • Improving the way your prospects envision themselves in your advertising.
  • Increasing the connection you have with your customers by using words, colors, and more that they respond well to.
  • Content planning to determine topics of blog posts, videos, social posts, and more that your customers will love!
  • Image choices - pick the ones that allow your customers to see themselves clearly.
  • Copywriting - speak your marketing personas' language in sales copy, opt-in pages, emails and more by using the verbiage they use.
  • And so much more!

The results? You deliver a clear marketing message that connects and converts!


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Cecilia Badea - Copywriter

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Easy Customer Profile Creation

How to create and use customer personas / avatars to

boost the power of your marketing.

Includes video, profile creation sheet and Q&A support.

Only $27

Who is Easy Customer Profile Creation for?

Easy Customer Profile Creation was created specifically for those people who use marketing to engage and entice prospective buyers. That includes coaches, VAs, web designers, copywriters, software creators, marketplace sellers (Amazon, eBay, Etsy…), graphics designers, freelancers, and others.

If you want to discover words, colors, videos and/or images that resonate with customers, Easy Customer Profile Creation is how you figure it out.


There’s so much educational babble out there in the online universe. One must think critically regarding what teacher to spend educational dollars on and time with in order to learn. You are one of those to me.  

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Easy Customer Profile Creation

How to create and use customer personas / avatars to

boost the power of your marketing.

Includes video, profile creation sheet and Q&A support.

Only $27

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