Looking for Proven Ecommerce Copywriting Strategies to Boost Rankings & Sales Every Month?

Whether you’re revamping an existing online store or building a new one, it’s possible with this practical guide to writing ecommerce websites that rank high and convert like wildfire. 

Does This Sound Like You?

“I have a fabulous-looking ecommerce site, but just can’t seem to get good rankings.”
“My ecommerce site ranks well, but my sales are less than impressive.”

Those are all-too-common scenarios that leave ecommerce site owners/managers in dire straits.

Problem: Since ecommerce sites are typically light on copy, they can be more difficult to rank. Yet if you make your site too content-heavy, it can compromise conversions, causing visitors to hastily click away.

The truth is that aligning high search engine rankings with favorable conversion rates requires an understanding of both SEO mechanics and basic sales psychology.

You see, search engines like Google are copy-hungry machines. They base your rankings almost exclusively on text elements, from your title and description tags to your product copy.

Solution: How do you strike that delicate balance between pleasing the search engines while inspiring your visitors to click the buy button again and again?

This Step-by-Step Guide to Profitable Ecommerce Copywriting Shows You Exactly What to Do

“Ecommerce Copywriting – Proven Strategies for Boosting Sales & Search Rankings” takes you through how to lay a rock-solid foundation for your website’s success through a series of profit-generating steps that have been proven time and again to deliver results. You’ll discover:

  • Powerful selling principles that you can easily incorporate into your content to build consumer trust and boost sales.
  • Conversion techniques including using cross-sells and upsells for greater profits, turning product and category pages into landing pages and more.
  • Best-practice SEO copywriting techniques that show you how to select and use search terms to attract your perfect customers.

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Chapter 1: Site Planning

I know! The “P” word isn’t sexy. But what happens after you do a bit of planning sure is! You’ll be able to visualize your customers’ path and create compelling signposts for them to follow as they enter your site and work their way through to the “Buy Now” buttons.You’ll even see screenshots of actual ecommerce websites with professional critiques, so you can see what works in real life and what doesn't.

Chapter 2: Keyword Research & Selection – The Bedrock of Everything Else You Do

How do you find and choose keywords? And why should you bother? Because – whether you’re optimizing your site for the engines or just doing some looking for some sneaky marketing intel, you need to know:

  • Which search terms are actually worth targeting
  • How to accurately evaluate keyword competition so you don’t waste your time on phrases you couldn’t possibly rank well for
  • How to hand-pick the best list of phrases for which you want to be found
  • How to easily determine which keyphrases should appear on what pages of your site for best results
  • What long-tail keywords are and exactly when/how they should be used

Chapter 3: Writing Impressive Copy for Every Stage of the Sale

If you’re a reseller of other companies’ products, you need to offer compelling reasons why visitors should purchase from you—instead of the hundreds or thousands of other ecommerce sites they have access to. Not only that; you must also build trust and credibility and reduce friction in the buying process before people will trust you with their hard-earned dollars.

Discover how to write ultra-persuasive copy for every step of the sales process that moves your visitors swiftly towards the sale including:

  • When to use graphics and when to use text on your home page
  • The DOs and DON’Ts of writing title tags (and how to write a great title tag — it’s really an advert in itself!)
  • Why your description tags are vital, and the ideal length for a description tag that sells
  • How to make your company the obvious choice in a sea of competition
  • How to write engaging, keyword-rich category pages that turn casual browsers into cash-paying customers
  • How to pen product descriptions that motivate your audience to buy while staying within space constraints (which are often very restrictive)

Chapter 4: Duplicate Content: What's Myth and What's Mandatory?

Using manufacturer copy for your product pages may seem like a smart shortcut, but it comes with a price. It can compromise your search engine rankings and even send potential customers packing.

Discover the truth about duplicate content and get clarity on this very gray area of SEO including:

  • How duplicate content is really defined (according to Google, it’s not a penalty)
  • Why duplicate content is not the rankings-killer people assume it to be (hint: Google won't ban your site forever if you use it)
  • Why “canned copy” is actually worse for your conversion rate than for your search engine rankings

Have to use manufacturer copy on your site (for whatever reason)? I’ll lay out my best tips for easily turning it into original, relevant content that ranks high and converts like crazy.

Chapter 5: Building Confidence & Reducing Friction So Visitors Buy More

With scams, phishing schemes and scores of other goblins lurking online, customers can be hesitant to buy from just any ecommerce site. Today’s savvy shoppers look for specific clues that let them know a site is reputable and offers quality products.

You’ll find out how to create policies (shipping and delivery, returns, privacy) that make your customers feel safe and secure so they open their wallets more freely.

Chapter 6: Turning Site Pages into Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Landing Pages

Many website owners make the critical mistake of thinking that a regular product or category page is automatically a good landing page for PPC. This is unequivocally false! A PPC landing page must have very specific attributes in order to build customer trust and increase conversions. In this chapter, you’ll find out exactly what these attributes are, and also:

  • How to avoid the deadline disconnect between PPC ads and landing pages that kills conversions
  • How to incorporate design elements into your landing page to boost credibility and capture visitors' attention

Once you incorporate these elements, you’ll have a ready-made template for successful landing pages for all of your PPC campaigns (AdWords, Facebook or others)!

Chapter 7: How to Use Up-Sells and Cross-Sells to Jack Up Revenue

Time and again, marketers have proven that up-selling and cross-selling boost profits. One office furniture company claims that cross-sells bumped up their bottom line by over 30% (we've seen stories of revenue improving up to 50% through up- and cross-sales).

Introducing products or services related to those the shopper is buying gives you yet another way to earn more revenue from your ecommerce site with very little effort. Cross-selling and up-selling have a number of benefits including:

  • Doubling or tripling your average order value
  • Boosting conversion rates, by guiding customers to appropriate alternatives if a product they’re viewing isn’t just right
  • Improved customer satisfaction, by suggesting related items that are exactly what your shoppers need guided by 23 enlightening cross-selling DOs and DON’Ts you’ll see:
    • The ideal time to make your up-sell/cross-sell offer
    • When cross-selling can actually harm your profitability
    • The cross-selling tactics top online retailers use to add thousands of dollars to their annual revenue (yes! examples are included)
    • How to communicate additional value, so your clients know why they must buy—now!

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“I recently purchased Ecommerce Copywriting – Proven Strategies for Boosting Sales & Search Rankings by Karon Thackston. I bought it in the hopes of learning how to write better category and product descriptions as well as learning about best practices for setting up various policies. I was not disappointed with my purchase!” 

 Curt Donahue, PestaTraining.com

Frequently Asked Questions

“What specifically can this ebook help me improve?”

With the insights shared in “Ecommerce Copywriting: Proven Strategies for Boosting Sales & Search Rankings” you’ll find specific methods to help you get more of your site pages listed in Google. This will draw more qualified buyers to your site. In addition, you’ll see exactly how to create product descriptions, category page descriptions and other vital copy elements that entice more people to buy. On top of that, you’ll find out how to use strategies like upselling and cross-selling to get more revenue from the same number of visitors.

“I just use the copy the manufacturers provide so I don’t really need this ebook, do I?”

Actually, using the same copy that manufacturers offer can confuse your visitors and train them to buy based solely on price. That’s because the manufacturers also allow thousands of other sites to use the exact same copy. It makes it very difficult for your potential customers to choose you because your site doesn’t appear to be very unique. However, with a few tricks I show you, you can use manufacturer copy and not destroy your conversion rates.

“I’m having a big problem with getting people to buy on my site. They find me in the search engines, but they don’t purchase from me very often. Can this ebook help?”

One of the biggest and most deadly problems ecommerce resellers face is not differentiating themselves from the thousands of others that sell the same products. When the only thing your visitors have to base a decision on is price, they naturally start shopping for the lowest and buy from that source. Once you discover how to set your site apart from the competition, yours will naturally be seen as the obvious choice for shoppers to buy from.


“There’s so much educational babble out there in the online universe. One must think critically regarding what teacher to spend educational dollars on and time with in order to learn. You are one of those to me.” 

 Candance Fischer, Small Business Owner


“I've been reading through your book and I’m loving it. Even advanced marketers should look at pages 19 and 20 for ideas.”

 Matt DeYoung, PPC Strategist & Landing Design Professional

Ecommerce Copywriting

Proven Strategies for Boosting Sales & Search Rankings

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About Karon Thackston

Since 1999, I've owned and operated Marketing Words, a full-service copywriting agency specializing in helping entrepreneurs rank higher, convert better, and sell more. Marketing Words has contributed to the sales success of companies such as Gorton's Seafood, American Boating Association, Entertainment.com, online business pros and thousands of Amazon sellers.

My expertise has led to speaking engagements at Search Marketing Expo, Internet Summit, Internet Retailer, and podcasts of some of the most respected names in the online business community.

Now I'm ready to help you entice, engage and earn!


“Although I thought that I knew a lot of what Karon covered in her course, I quickly found out that this was not the case. Each chapter contained valuable information and was easy to understand. (I found her worksheets at the end of each chapter very useful). The manner in which she presented her material left a lot of “food for thought” in moving forward with ideas for implementation on one's own website. I also found that the real world examples additionally helped to clarify the subject matter and enhanced Karon's tips and suggestions as well. 

It was very evident in Chapter 5 (Duplicate content) that Karon's take on this subject was right in line with what Matt Cutts of Google had to say in his videos. 

I thoroughly enjoyed Karon's “Ecommerce Copywriting” course and would highly recommend it for all website owners, whether they are just starting out or experienced. There is so much useful information to be gleaned from each and every chapter. I look forward to implementing these suggestions with the expectation of ultimately gaining more conversions and higher rankings. Once again, many thanks, Karon!

  Brenda Mize, Beacon's Glow Collectibles

This handy guide is incredibly easy to follow—even if you’re new to copywriting. To help you quickly grasp key concepts and immediately put them to use, the book:

  • Gives you checklists to make sure you don't miss any key steps in your content planning strategy
  • Includes useful worksheets that make allow you to develop targeted content for each page of your site with laser speed
  • Walks you, screenshot-by-screenshot, through real websites, showing you where they succeed and where they fail (so you can avoid making the same mistakes)
  • Gives you actionable steps you can take to dramatically improve the effectiveness of your website content and generate more traffic, sales and revenue for your business

Once you’ve read this captivating book, you’ll be able to easily create an ecommerce content strategy that delivers an exponential return on your investment.  What could be better than that?

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