12 Promotional Email Copywriting Templates Proven To Sell – Set 1

Get 12 Professionally Written, Promotional Email Copywriting Templates That are Proven to Sell

Writing email copy that actually converts… now there’s a trick! Even pros who write website or other types of copy will admit that email is its own animal.


One big reason is that – more times than not - it’s read on a smartphone. That tiny screen has a huge impact on how the email copy is received, how it looks, the way buttons appear/work and more.

Then there’s the sales message. On a tiny screen, you have to hook people super-fast or they’ll never scroll to read the rest.

If email copywriting is just not your thing – or you are simply tired of doing it – here’s the fix.

I’ve compiled 12 recently mailed, hand-selected emails from my own private collection. Then I converted them into easily customizable templates. So, you can use the exact emails I made thousands on and tweak them to fit your needs.

Now you can use them whenever you promote and sell:

  • Digital Products
  • Online Services
  • Online Events
  • Affiliate Products


This pack includes 12 promotional/sales email templates.
It does not include welcome emails, follow-up emails,
nurture emails, or any other types of emails.

Here’s What You Can Do With These Sales Email Templates

Copy/Tweak My Emails

Use the same emails I sent to my list and tweak them with your info when you follow the easy-to-use prompts.

Repeat & Rinse

Repeat your success time and time again. You can use those 12 templates for as many different emails as you want to sell products, services, or events over and over.

Increase Your Revenue

By starting with professionally written email copy that has been proven to sell, you save time and boost your income, too!

12 Promotional Email Copywriting Templates Proven To Sell - Set 1

Only $19

What’s Included in 12 Promotional Email Copywriting Templates Proven To Sell - Set 1

  • 12 handpicked promotional/sales email copywriting templates from the top 1% of my recent campaigns. The same ones that have earned me thousands (PER email) when sent to my list.12 
  • 2 emails for each of 6 types: teaching, story, direct, proof, Q&A and last call (total of 12).
  • 12 easy-to-follow templates created from the 12 original emails. Just fill in the blanks and mail!
  • Quick video guide on how to customize these templates for any product, service or event you want to sell.
  • Top 4 tips for making your email copy more successful.

Written in a conversational style, you can feel confident sending the same emails I’ve sent to my list to your followers.

About Karon Thackston

Since 1999, I've owned and operated Marketing Words, specializing in helping entrepreneurs entice, engage and earn more.

During my 20+ years as an online marketer, I've discovered copywriting tricks and techniques that work to get opens, clicks and conversions.

Now I'm sharing these easy-to-use email templates, so you can grow your income and do it faster than you thought possible. 

Tired of scratching your head, trying to figure out why your emails aren’t working? Need a time-saver that will help you get done faster? If you are trying to sell:

  • Digital Products
  • Online Services
  • Online Events
  • Affiliate Products

These 12 promotional/sales email copywriting templates are your ticket to freedom!

Personal-Use Digital Download

This is a digital file that can be downloaded instantly and used immediately.

The planner is for personal use only and does not include a commercial license or source files. The templates may not be copied, given away, sold, shared or altered in any way.

"Your resources I can honestly say are fantastic and make so much sense. I bless the day that I came across you on the internet. 
Rachel Bunger

12 Promotional Email Copywriting Templates Proven To Sell - Set 1

Only $19

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What kinds of emails do these templates cover?

Promotional emails. Typically, these would be emails that sell a digital product, an online service or an online event.

Why 12 templates? I’ve seen others who sold hundreds of templates.

Yes, I’ve seen those bundles with hundreds of email templates. Have you ever bought one? I have! Most include every email the author has ever written from the past 10 years… whether the emails actually worked or not.

They are usually unorganized and uncategorized. I found myself wasting my time clicking through hundreds of emails and finding that most of them were simply unusable for my needs.

I call that cleaning out the fridge. Just dumping a bunch of stuff into a product to try and make it look valuable.

This is NOT that.

What if I have questions about the templates after I buy them?

When you log into your Member’s Area, just scroll down and you’ll see a spot to ask questions. Easy peasy!

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