How To Guide: Easy Email Split Testing

Want More Engagement, Clicks & Conversions From Your List? My Fast & Easy Email Split Testing Process Gets It Done

How would you like to know:

  • Which words cause your audience to open more of your emails?
  • Whether text or images get more of your people to click?
  • The calls to action that boost conversions for your specific list?
  • And other juicy details that allow you to successfully engage and earn from your audience?

Let’s face it, these are things you have to understand about your subscribers to be successful with email. Otherwise, you’re just pushing out words you want to say instead of what your audience wants to hear.

Big businesses know the secret and invest a huge amount of time and money into it. But now you can reap the benefits of this highly prized method while skipping the cost & complicated process.

It’s called A/B testing. Email testing. Split testing.

It holds the secret to discovering what your audience needs to hear and see in order to move from curious to conversion.

And, no, it’s not only for major corporations.

Just think about what will happen once you know your follower’s preferences:

They’ll Look Forward to Seeing Your Emails

Because you’ll know what to include that your readers want, they’ll be drawn to your messages.

Engagement Will Increase

As they get to know and trust you, they interact with your emails more.

Sale & Opt-In Conversions Will Grow

Gradually, you can start to see more sale notices in your inbox, more followers, more webinar attendees… more success from all your emails.

I’ll hand you an oh-so-simple way to discover all the awesomeness about your list while:

  • Taking most of the tech out of email split testing
  • Ditching the science-y mumbo jumbo

I’ll say it as plain as I can:  this is not hard.

I’ll show you the super-simple, easy-to-use process I follow every time I send an email. These quick steps to email split testing can lead to higher opens, clickthroughs and conversions.

What’s more, as you begin to see results, you’ll be so proud of the email secret weapon you’ve mastered!

How To Guide: Easy Email Split Testing

Only $17

What’s Included in the How To Guide: Easy Email Split Testing

  • 3 quick videos that answer questions and walk you through the steps of choosing what to test and setting the test up.
  • 1 checklist that highlights what’s contained in the videos. Keep it handy every time you do a test to make the process faster.
  • 59 email split testing ideas to get you started.
  • 1 email tracking sheet (the same one I use) to record your results. Scroll through the sheet from time to time to remind yourself of what worked for your audience and what didn’t.

What Do You Need To Get Started With Email Testing?

  • An email list (even if it only has 50 people on it).
  • An email marketing platform such as Active Campaign, Convertkit, MailChimp, Aweber or any of the others.
  • Understanding of how to set up and send emails through your email marketing platform.
  • Familiarity with basic email terms such as subject line, open rate, clickthrough rate, conversions, etc.

About Karon Thackston

Since 1999, I've owned and operated Marketing Words, specializing in helping entrepreneurs entice, engage and earn more.

Over the decade, I've discovered the brilliance of doing simple email split testing that I can use to get more people to open my emails, click my links and buy.

Now I'm sharing the exact ideas and tools I use, so you can communicate and convert faster than ever.

If you’ve been wondering why your emails aren’t working or just looking for a way to constantly improve results, Easy Email Split Testing is for you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Do I have to have a really big email list to do this?

A:  Nope! As your list grows so will your testing results, but you can (and should) absolutely get started now so you can learn as much as possible about your list subscribers.

Q: Isn’t email split testing really techie stuff?

A:  Not the way I do it! I am a world-class technophobe so I can promise you that I make this as easy as humanly possible. If I can run these simple and quick tests, you can, too.

Q:  Is this just general knowledge stuff. Ideas based on so-called “best practices?”

A:  Not at all. I’ll show you how to discover things about what the people on your specific list respond well to (and don’t respond well to).

Q: Is this some sort of survey?

A:  It’s making easy changes to your emails and watching the results tracked in the email marketing software you use. No surveys are required.

Q: Does email split testing require high-priced software?

A: You can most likely use the email marketing software you currently use. Practically all of them have built-in testing capabilities including Active Campaign, aWeber, Convertkit, Drip, and others.

How To Guide: Easy Email Split Testing

Only $17

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