The Proven Strategy Top Affiliates Use To Haul In Bucketloads Of Affiliate Commissions On Demand

Tired of only making only one or two affiliate sales every month? Beginning to wonder if affiliate marketing is all one big myth? Not sure how to boost your commissions when promoting other people's products?

I get it. That was me for the longest time. Checking every affiliate account seven times a day to see if I had a sale. (OK, I still do that!) Posting one social post or sending out a single email here or there. But I never seemed to gain any traction.

Then one day I began to study other affiliates and how they were making sales. The people I greatly admired (and who made way more than me), weren’t doing affiliate marketing like I was. They were organized, they had a plan, and they were showing up on leader boards and winning contests. How?!

In a combined state of curiosity and jealousy, I reworked my affiliate promotion strategy to incorporate a few of the strategies I’d seen others use. Then I sprinkled in a few of my own.

And whaddaya know? It worked! Excitement doesn’t begin to explain how I felt when commission notices started filling my inbox on a regular basis! I was a real affiliate! I was making money selling other people's products! Now it’s your turn!

You’ll be beaming with pride once you master the proven strategy of creating and implementing successful affiliate campaigns! All in only 5 sessions.

According to cross-channel marketing giant Blueshift,
campaigns get 91% customer retention and
30% greater lifetime value.

Ready To Kick Your Affiliate Commissions Into Overdrive? You Can With This Step-By-Step Strategy

Want to raise the bar on the affiliate commissions you earn? Want to do it right now? I’m well known for training that’s all focus and no fluff. Because each lesson zeroes in on its topic, you’ll master this money-making strategy in no time flat!

Affiliate Advantage

Success Secrets for Making More Commissions

Only $49

Is Affiliate Advantage: Success Secrets For Making More Commissions Right For You?

Are you someone who is familiar with affiliate marketing and has already begun to promote other people’s products as an affiliate? Then – even if you haven’t earned any commissions yet – Affiliate Advantage is for you!

About Karon Thackston

Since 1999, I've owned and operated Marketing Words, specializing in helping entrepreneurs rank higher, convert better, and sell more.

I’ve been an active affiliate since around 2006, making thousands of dollars every month, winning affiliate contests, and having a ball doing it! One thing I’ve noticed over the years is — standing out from the crowd is vital to every affiliate’s success.

Now that I’ve repeatedly put my Affiliate Advantage strategy into action and seen the lucrative results, I’m ready to share it with you!

What Will You Learn?

In Affiliate Advantage, i'll Step You Through Developing An Entire Affiliate Promotion Campaign Designed To Maximize Commissions

Session 1: Why Campaigns Instead Of One-Off Marketing?

What’s the big deal about campaigns? I’ll explain why working a plan delivers much better results than arbitrarily tossing out marketing bits and pieces.

Session 2: The Benefits Of Affiliate Marketing: Busting Myths That Will Hold You Back

Set yourself free to soar higher when you understand the true benefits of affiliate marketing and overcome the myths that trick your mind into believing things that simply aren’t true.

Session 3: Proven Campaign Creation

We’ll outline your options for developing an affiliate campaign using media you have available to you now. No need to run paid ads, create entirely new websites, or take other heroic measures. This success strategy lets you start where you are and grow from there.

Session 4: Working With Affiliate Managers To Make Promoting Easy

Did you know that affiliate managers frequently offer pre-written emails, social posts, opt-in freebies, and more? You can swipe these, make some simple edits, repurpose the material, and cut your promotion creation time down considerably. I’ll show you how.

Session 5: Advanced Strategies To Boost Your Commissions Now & In The Long Term

While they take a bit more work, these advanced affiliate promotion strategies are proven to drive more sales. Whenever you’re ready, step up your plan!

According to a MarketingSherpa survey, 15 percent of users say they wouldn’t mind receiving a promotional email every day. The same study concluded that 91 percent of users have no issues with promotional emails. However, experts believe such emails should be well targeted.

Affiliate Advantage Includes

Video Sessions

I’ll talk you through the strategic modules with video lessons as you follow along, using real-life examples.


I reveal some of the resources I currently use to boost the performance of all my affiliate campaigns.

Q&A Support

Have questions about the material? Ask them right inside the course!

When you’re serious about making affiliate income a significant portion of your revenue, Affiliate Advantage will lay out a clear path to get there.

With consistency and steady implementation, your affiliate income could grow by 2x, 5x, 10x… there is no limit! Now’s the time to switch gears to a new, proven strategy.

Affiliate Advantage

Success Secrets for Making More Commissions

Only $49

Frequently Asked Questions About Affiliate Advantage

Is Affiliate Advantage for people who are affiliates for others, or for people who want to start their own affiliate programs?

Affiliate Advantage shows affiliates (who promote other people's products) how to earn more commissions.

Is Affiliate Advantage for newbies? 

If you are not making affiliate sales, you'll want my Passive Income Jumpstart course, which shows you how to find the right affiliate products your list will respond well to. Go through that first; then you can start with the Affiliate Advantage course. If you are currently making some affiliate sales, Affiliate Advantage will show you how to make more.

Does your approach require a lot of technical expertise?

Not. At. All. I incorporate the most user-friendly ways to create affiliate campaigns. I’m not a super-techie person, so I always opt for easy.

If I email my list multiple times about the same product, won't they leave? 

Anytime you send any email to your list you are likely to have people unsubscribe. That's just the nature of email. BUT... when it comes to affiliate promotions, most affiliates see a significant increase in sales when they send a multiple-email campaign as opposed to just a single, one-off email. In fact, many (including me) have doubled their commissions by doing this very thing, IF you do it strategically.

Does the Affiliate Advantage system require me to run paid ads? I just don’t have the budget or know-how for that.

Nope! No paid ads required.

Your Purchase Is Guaranteed

Jump in and get started today! If within 7 days you don't think this course provides any value, you may request a refund.

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