What If Earning Affiliate Commissions Was As Easy As Giving Away Free Stuff?

It Is When You Use This Backward Approach

If you’re like most affiliates, you send emails… lots of emails… when promoting affiliate products. That’s great! Email is one of my favorite and best-performing marketing methods.

But there is a drawback.

With email pitches, there’s not an effective way to scale commissions without repeatedly sending messages about the same products/services. That goes for social posting, too. It can only take you so far before your followers stop paying attention. That’s because the material is no longer unique.

Despite what you may have heard, Super Affiliates who pull in thousands of dollars every month aren’t just in it for the money. They understand the enormous power of also building relationships, cultivating feelings of gratitude, and offering something their followers can’t get anywhere else.

Those core relationship values combined with a strategy of getting ahead of the sale using freebies automagically multiplies the commissions you make from every affiliate promotion.

After repeated testing and tweaking, I’ve worked out a proven system for creating your own unique freebies that:

Deliver quick results! You can start making affiliate commissions right now. (I’m talking days, not weeks).

Pull double duty to grow your list and earn you passive affiliate commissions.

Build a connection with your subscribers by fostering good will (aka: customer loyalty)!

Bring in fresh, qualified traffic when shared.

Allow you to give something away instead of always selling.

Deliver high conversions through upsells to your favorite affiliate products.


“What I most love about Karon’s products is the way she explains things and the “perfectly clarifying” examples she provides. She seems to understand the questions in my head and delivers answers I can immediately use. That’s why I enjoy being a part of her community. Karon is a caring, good-hearted person, someone I am proud to know.” Mary Morris, - FrontPorchIdeas.com

Making Money With Freebies

The Affiliate's Guide to Making Passive Commissions With No Selling
Only $59

Is Making Money With Freebies For You?

Are you an affiliate promoting other people’s products in order to earn a commission? Are you ready to scale your earnings passively? Then Making Money With Freebies is for you!

The neat thing is, this same strategy (with a few tweaks) can be used if you’re a low-content or printables publisher to develop new products you can sell for cash.

About Karon Thackston

Since 1999, I've owned and operated Marketing Words, specializing in helping entrepreneurs rank higher, convert better, and sell more.

I’ve been an active affiliate since around 2006, making thousands of dollars every month, winning affiliate contests, and having a ball doing it! One thing I’ve noticed over the years is — standing out from the crowd is vital to every affiliate’s success.

Now that I’ve repeatedly put my Making Money With Freebies system into action and seen the lucrative results, I’m ready to share it with you!

What Will You Learn? In Making Money With Freebies, You’ll See The Entire Process From Conception To Commissions

This approach gives you a unique opportunity to shine! After just 6 sessions, you’ll be equipped to produce your very own freebie designed to open the commission floodgate on practically any affiliate product you want to promote!

Session 1: My Favorite Strategy & Why It Works

Although it works in reverse, my favorite strategy for freebies has proven to bring in repeated commissions from the affiliate products before a sales pitch is even made. I’ll explain the unique (if backward) approach I take from beginning to end.

Session 2: How To Choose An Affiliate Product To Promote With Freebies

Which affiliate products should you promote? I’ll outline the 4 critical questions you need to ask when deciding to promote an affiliate’s product using this freebie method to ensure the highest level of conversions.

Session 3: Selecting The Best Freebie Format

We’ll walk through my top 4 choices of freebie formats and which types of content work best with each. PLUS, tricks for repurposing content to significantly cut your creation time!

Session 4: Building Your Freebie

When it comes to the hands-on creation of your freebie, what should you use? You’ll get my personal resource list so you can see precisely what I choose to make freebies fast.

Session 5: Creating Your Freebie Funnel

Get an up-close-and-personal tour of the front end and back end of my top-converting funnel so you can understand what to put where and why. Opt-in page copy, thank-you page, welcome email… it’s all there with 100% transparency.

Session 6: Promotional Opportunities For Your Freebie

Once your freebie is created the fun really begins! I’ll give you 20 premium promotional ideas so you can get the most exposure (and commissions!) for your freebie.

BONUS SESSION: Using This Strategy To Create Printables You Can Sell

Remarkably, this same strategy can easily be used to make low-content printables you can sell for instant cash. Make a few minor tweaks and you are set to earn payments up front and commissions on the back end, too.


“There's so much educational babble out there in the online universe. One must think critically regarding what teacher to spend educational dollars on and time with in order to learn. You are one of those to me." Candace Fischer, - Small Business Owner

Making Money With Freebies Includes

Video Sessions

I’ll talk you through the strategic modules with video lessons as you follow along using my best-performing freebie as our case study.


Resource lists and other helpful materials are included with each session to boost your success.

Q&A Support

Have questions about the material? Ask them right inside the course!

Ready to reach a new level of affiliate marketing? Your path is clear. Go beyond the ordinary cookie-cutter approach every other affiliate is using. Create your own masterpiece freebie that will entice new subscribers, engage prospects, and help you earn more commissions month after month!

Making Money With Freebies

The Affiliate's Guide to Making Passive Commissions With No Selling
Only $59

Frequently Asked Questions About Making Money With Freebies

Is Making Money With Freebies for newbies? 

If you are not making affiliate sales, you'll want my Passive Income Jumpstart course that shows you how to find the right affiliate products your list will respond well to. Go through that first then you can start with the Making Money With Freebies course. If you are currently making some affiliate sales, Making Money With Freebies will be fine for you to go through now.

When you say, "Freebies," are you talking about ebooks or what?

I show you a wide variety of freebie formats and you pick which one(s) you want to create so you can highlight the affiliate products you want to earn more commissions from.

Does your approach require a lot of technical expertise?

Not. At. All. I incorporate the most user-friendly ways to create the freebies. I'm not a super-techie person so I always opt for easy :)

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Jump in and get started today! If within 7 days you don't think this course provides any value, you may request a refund.

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