Yes! You Really Can Set Up A Passive Income Pipeline That Generates Dollars While You Sleep

Take The First Steps By Finding Profitable Affiliate Products To Recommend

Say the phrase "passive income" and most online business people drool for 1 of 2 reasons:

1. You'd really love more financial and personal freedom. (What would you do with an extra $50, $100, $400, $1000 per week?) Stress and insecurity take a toll because everything you do is hands-on. Heaven forbid you or a family member gets sick or injured. Where would your revenue come from?

2. You already have income pipelines set up that bring in monthly passive revenue, and you know how completely amazing it is! No more feast-or-famine syndrome, and taking a 2-week vacation on the spur of the moment is just how you roll.

Are you dreaming of being in the second group? For me, adding an active passive income stream to my business years ago has changed my life. I average 6-figures in passive income alone every year! But just exactly how can you find great affiliate products your target audience will crave, and you can make a hefty commission on?

How To Quickly Find Affiliate Products
You'll Profit From

One of the hardest parts of affiliate (referral) marketing is finding products your audience loves, that you get paid to share. But I can help you break through those roadblocks by showing you my personal system that can gradually add dollars to your bottom line.

Ready to have some fun as you learn how to take advantage of one of the fastest paths to passive income? Let's look at the real affiliate marketing possibilities that can fill your inbox with sale notices 24/7/365!


I wasn't a complete newbie when it came to sharing affiliate offers before going through Karon Thackston's Passive Income Jumpstart, but I sure wasn't being very smart or strategic in how I was handling it.


By using her easy to follow worksheets when evaluating which affiliate programs would be a good fit to join, I am steadily increasing my income by finding and promoting the right mix of offers to my coaching and consulting community. That's a win-win-win!

Kat Sturtz

During Passive Income Jumpstart: How To Find Profitable Affiliate Products, you'll see:

  • How to choose the best affiliate products to promote that your audience will love.
  • 11 ways to share affiliate products - some don't require you to have an email list.
  • Whether various affiliate products are actually worth your while or a great big time suck.
  • How to make affiliate (referral) revenue a priority and consistently build your passive income month after month.

Passive Income Jumpstart: How To Find Profitable Affiliate Products walks you through the exploration and evaluation of affiliate products that you can share with others, including:

3 detailed videos where I'll share exactly how I choose affiliate products. You'll see how to brainstorm brilliant ideas, knock down barriers, and celebrate your victories!

Have questions about the material? Ask them right inside the course!

Worksheets to guide your efforts and keep you on the path to passive profits!

Your Access to Passive Income Jumpstart Includes...

Three 30-45 minute videos that show the exact process I use when choosing affiliate products to promote including:

  • Specific criteria to look for when evaluating affiliate products
  • Discovery process for which products your audience will respond to
  • How to decide whether a product is promising or pitiful


  • Checklists to quickly outline the process
  • Worksheets to guide your steps
  • Spreadsheet to track your findings


Your Free Bonus:  "Email Tips for Affiliate Marketers" ebook (a $29 value) with insightful information about how to write affiliate emails, what to include, when to send, and more.

Stacey Myers loves the easy-to-follow steps that guided her to products she can repeatedly earn commissions from.

When you finish, you should have several legit affiliate product options you can act on to start generating income. Just think... you'll be equipped to crank out extra cash to:

  • Pay for gas for your car
  • Pay the cable bill
  • Buy yourself and your family new clothes
  • Take a family vacation
  • Buy a new car
  • Pay for an assistant to help you grow your business
  • And so much more!

Would it surprise you to know that - for the last 15 years - we have paid for all our cars and our 29' boat with cash? It might not happen immediately, but if you're consistent, you can finally stop dreaming and get the financial freedom you've been hoping for.

No more wishing! It's time to hop onboard the passive income train and blow the whistle LOUD!


I have started creating content after taking your Passive Income Jumpstart course. It was fantastic and I am really energized to start building a passive income stream!

Renee Bartle

Passive Income Jumpstart: How To Find Profitable Affiliate Products

3 Videos, Checklists, Worksheets & Spreadsheet
Plus, your copy of "Email Tips for Affiliate Marketers" ($29 value) -- FREE!

Only $49

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I need a lot of experience with affiliate marketing before I take Passive Income Jumpstart: How To Find Profitable Affiliate Products?

Not necessarily. Whether you're just getting started, or you've been using various passive income strategies for years, Passive Income Jumpstart: How To Find Profitable Affiliate Products will show you how to research and find quality affiliate products to recommend.

Q: Why is affiliate marketing so much easier than other passive income methods?

When you create your own products (for example) you have to buy and set up the software, write or record the product, set up the delivery system, install and configure a shopping cart, develop a backend funnel, pay merchant fees, and more. When you promote an affiliate product, you don't have to do any of that! You recommend the product and get paid. Easy, no hassle!

Q: Will Passive Income Jumpstart: How To Find Profitable Affiliate Products teach me everything I'll ever need to know about affiliate marketing?

This course is laser-focused on solving one of the toughest problems people have when trying to build their passive income streams: finding great products that they can earn a commission on. That's what I'll teach you during this course.

Q: What format does the Passive Income Jumpstart: How To Find Profitable Affiliate Products course take?

There are 3 videos that you can watch online. You'll also receive downloadable worksheets, checklists, cheat sheets, and a spreadsheet.

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Passive Income Jumpstart: How To Find Profitable Affiliate Products

3 Videos, Checklists, Worksheets & Spreadsheet
Plus, your copy of "Email Tips for Affiliate Marketers" ($29 value) -- FREE!

Only $49

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