How Many Dollars, Leads & Subscribers Are You Leaving On The Table Because You’re Only Using Your Content Once?

Get ready to accelerate the power & speed of your content so it’s

more profitable than ever before.

As an online entrepreneur, you know all too well that content drives everything. It’s a never-ending cycle of keeping yourself out there in order to be seen and connect with people who become subscribers, leads, and customers.

I’m betting that — while you love what you do — you get a little weary of creating content day in and day out. Sometimes you feel like you're on a treadmill.

But did you know there’s a process for producing one type of content, then quickly reusing / reformatting it into 5, 10, or even 20 other types of content?

And did you also know that repurposing that blog post or podcast (or other content) takes significantly less time than writing something brand-new for each purpose?

What If You Could Double Or Triple Your Exposure & Cut Your Writing Time in Half Using Content You Already Created?

You’ve no doubt heard the word “repurpose” before, but — if you’re like most people — you relate “repurposing” to “reposting.” They are not the same. At all.

Repurposing results in entirely new content that takes just a little time to create. Why bother? Because following a repurposing game plan allows you to:

  • Easily expand your exposure and visibility because you’ll be everywhere.
  • Quickly increase your bank balance because with greater visibility almost always comes more leads, more opt-ins to your list, more clients, and more digital product sales.
  • Develop small digital products for a new income stream just by picking out a little content from what you already created.
  • Enjoy expanded free time because repurposing doesn’t take a whole lot of extra work.

With a little creativity, a touch of savvy, and a few extra minutes, you can have a successful repurposing game plan that works to your advantage every day of the year.

Here’s The Magic Of Repurposing…

Let’s say you write a blog post (record a podcast… whatever) every week/month. You put that post on your blog. People read the post and share it on social (which you do also). And that results in readers who subscribe and even buy courses / services from you. Great!

But what if you took that same post from your blog and turned it into a video (no, it doesn’t take long)? Now you’re finding brand-new followers on YouTube who don’t typically read blog posts. Those people watch the video and click a link to subscribe to your list.

Then you pull the highlights / steps from the post and turn those into a quick cheat sheet or checklist that you sell online (no, this doesn’t take long either). Once again, you’re building reach and list. And it only took you a few minutes.

See what I’m getting at?

Don’t look now, but you’re creating a repurposing game plan of quick ways to add leads and income to your biz… and doing it in half the time. Having some planning tools will help you gain success.

Repurposing Game Plan Is More Than An Ordinary Planner Pack With Blank Lines Because It Includes:

  • 1 quick video to show you how to use the planning resources for 7 different types of content so you can hit the ground running.
  • 1 resources sheet complete with ideas, explanations, tool suggestions, and more that will give you a wide range of simple repurposing tactics to use right away.
  • 7 planner sheets that allow you to brainstorm and organize your approach for a flawless system you can use to repurpose your content seamlessly and consistently.
  • 7 tracking sheets to log your progress so you get as much exposure as possible from each piece of content you produce.

Then you’re off and running with a custom blueprint you created. Implement it consistently and watch it blossom into a more lucrative business.

About Karon Thackston

Since 1999, I've owned and operated Marketing Words, specializing in helping entrepreneurs rank higher, convert better, and sell more.

Over the last 2 years, I've discovered the brilliance of creating a repurposing game plan. I've cut my writing time in half, sped up my content creation, added lots of new revenue very quickly, and seen my brand and business grow... all without a lot of extra effort on my part. 

Now I'm sharing the exact ideas and planner sheets I use inside this handy toolkit.

Stop struggling to create all the different types of content you need. Do it once, then discover the magic of strategic repurposing to help you reach and exceed your goals faster than ever before!

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