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As an Amazon seller, you already know that 4- and 5-star reviews are essential to driving sales. In fact, 80% of online consumers actively seek out product ratings when they’re shopping. Positive post-purchase reviews provide social proof that a product or brand is trustworthy, carrying 12 times more weight than product descriptions alone.

The problem?

Getting customers to actually leave reviews can be like pulling teeth.

Not only are Amazon buyers busy with their lives; many are bombarded repeatedly with review requests from sellers. Worse than being ignored, these pestering emails can frustrate buyers to the point of turning their backs on a brand forever.

What’s more, while Amazon once allowed soliciting reviews in exchange for free or steeply discounted products, this practice has since been banned.

So how DO you get reviews on Amazon? Exactly what do you do you persuade more customers to take a few minutes to write a glowing review for your product? And how do you do it in compliance with Amazon’s latest Terms of Service (TOS)?

I’ll give you a hint: it’s a completely different approach than the one most sellers use to seek reviews.

In my ebook, “Review Advantage: Email Strategies for Getting Amazon Product Reviews (Legally!),” you’ll discover techniques the Marketing Words team has used for years to create follow-up product review emails for clients. Based on feedback from these clients, we know our strategies have a positive impact when it comes to encouraging Amazon customers to leave after-purchase product evaluations.

What’s Included in the Book?

This book isn't just a manual for writing product review request emails. You also find out the “why” behind the strategies so you get the big picture of how to be more successful in attracting customer comments. You’ll discover:

  • Why it’s so difficult to get customer reviews. We explain it from the buyer’s perspective. What’s going on inside their head?
  • How Amazon’s “incentivized reviews” policy went horribly wrong—and the changes they’ve implemented since (every seller NEEDS this info!).
  • Why email is the best way to seek reviews—and what you can and can’t do with this method of customer outreach.
  • Why most product review emails get flat-out ignored by customers. I critique several real-life examples and explain exactly what the seller did wrong.
  • The #1 thing you can start doing in your emails to immediately stand out from the crowd (hint: it’s not about you, it’s about them).
  • 10 ideas for compelling email content that will catch your recipient’s eye and foster the goodwill that leads to positive customer reviews.
  • The ideal length for your emails (too short and you haven’t provided enough value. Too long and they won’t read it.).
  • How to create mouthwatering subject lines that get your emails opened. I share my 6 favorite (and proven) strategies with you.
  • When to send your follow-up emails. It’s different for every type of product. I’ve included a handy chart as a guideline for scheduling your communications.
  • Additional information delivered to your inbox each week to help expand your knowledge and skills. These include blog posts, videos, emails, special discounts and other useful content. Read our privacy policy here.

Several Review Request Templates to Get You Started

"Review Advantage: Email Strategies for Getting Amazon Product Reviews (Legally!)” even contains several review request templates that can help you jump-start your own follow-up emails. These include real content to get your creative juices flowing.

I’ve also provided a handy worksheet that gives you an overall checklist of to-dos, as well as a space to practice every section of the email before you write your final version.

The content and layout of this ebook are designed to give you a simple path to follow while writing. Best of all, my approach is in alignment with Amazon’s TOS. So you can send out your emails with complete confidence.

You Don’t Have to Be a Skilled Writer…

Creating effective product review emails is not complicated—and you don’t need to be a great wordsmith or seasoned marketer to do them. With the direction and examples provided in this straightforward ebook, you’ll find it a cinch to quickly create captivating emails that inspire your customers to take action.

 Just imagine what a few favorable reviews could do for your product sales.


“As expected, this new ebook from Karon Thackston is packed full of useful, actionable information. I love the concrete examples showing what NOT to do followed by a clear and eye-opening strategy for how to write emails that will generate reviews. I've already started to rewrite my emails for both of my brands and can't wait to see the reviews roll in!”  Ree Klein, 


“I'm excited to tell you that I got this feedback from my customer thanking me for the follow-up email the Marketing Words' team wrote for my product! Here’s what she said:

“Recently bought a home with a pool and have already rescued one frog, failed to find a second one until too late. I
appreciated the email from the vendor with tips to help the product perform at its best. Also, just ordered a second product for second basket. Thanks.” Christine Cobb, Amazon Seller 

Review Advantage

Email Strategies for Getting Amazon Product Reviews (Legally!)

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“I ordered the “Review Advantage” ebook. In it, Karon explained what customers really need to receive in order to feel confident in giving a review. She suggested the idea of following up with the customer to provide actual service to them and make sure they knew how to use the product, then provide step-by-step instructions if necessary. Karon also provided some unique ways to offer customer service via email. Of course, you should also ask if the customer would like to share their thoughts/opinions with other Amazon shoppers.Interesting approach and highly recommended!” Toan Nguyen from Bambiso


“Review Advantage took me from knowing nothing about getting reviews on my Amazon products to having a steady stream of quality emails going to my customers the very next day. Karon writes in a clear, easy to understand format and gives tons of actionable information. So glad I purchased this eBook! Great information and a HUGE time saver!!”  Tim Covery, Covey Sports

Jessica Larrew


“As an Amazon buyer, it is very frustrating for me to receive emails from Amazon sellers who don't know the proper way to send follow-ups. As an Amazon coach, I'm glad to FINALLY have somewhere to send my students so they can learn the RIGHT way to write their follow-up emails! Reviews are important for selling your products, and Karon shows how to get those reviews without annoying your customers.” Jessica Larrew, The Selling Family


“Immediately after we uploaded our new review-request emails from Marketing Words, look what a customer wrote. That tells me it is working and that my emails are helping people not bothering them.” 
Jordi Martinez, Marketing Director, Ceregumil America


“I’ve always known getting positive reviews can really help a product show up higher in the search results on Amazon… and higher search results leads to more sales! But I never knew the right strategy on how to get those reviews until now. With Review Advantage, I’m now equipped with multiple strategies to drastically increase product reviews for the items I’m wanting to sell more of. Before reading Review Advantage, I was somewhat fearful that if I were to ask for reviews, I might be doing it the wrong way and end up with not only a negative review, but also a ding on my Amazon seller account. Now with Review Advantage, I have the knowledge I need to confidently ask for a product review the right way. Not only the right way, but in a way that increases my reviews, which eventually leads to more sales.” Stephen Smotherman,


“Karon is a respected and accomplished expert in the online selling space, and this book gives you exactly what you need on the topic of writing creative and effective review-request follow-up emails. I'm honored to endorse this simple yet powerful book and share it with my audience! This is ‘set it and forget it’ at its best – don't miss this one!”  Jim Cockrum, Silent Sales Machine Radio Podcast — Jim Cockrum,

About Karon Thackston

Since 1999, I've owned and operated Marketing Words, a full-service copywriting agency specializing in helping entrepreneurs rank higher, convert better, and sell more. Marketing Words has contributed to the sales success of companies such as Gorton's Seafood, American Boating Association,, online business pros and thousands of Amazon sellers.

My expertise has led to speaking engagements at Search Marketing Expo, Internet Summit, Internet Retailer, and podcasts of some of the most respected names in the online business community.

Now I'm ready to help you entice, engage and earn!


“I purchased and read your “Review Advantage”. Though I was skeptical I purchased it because I'm desperate to increase reviews and pick up the sales urgently.
But, this e-book really let me see the light! Thank you very much!”  Kito Shunsuke, Amazon Seller


“Karon’s Review Advantage ebook really provides great information and it's well worth the money paid.”  Rolands Petrevics, Amazon Seller

In “Review Advantage: Email Strategies for Getting Amazon Product Reviews (Legally!),” I share my hard-won “secrets of the trade” with you.

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Review Advantage

Email Strategies for Getting Amazon Product Reviews (Legally!)

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