Ready to Make Extra Cash Every Month Passively by Creating Something That’s Wildly Popular & Takes as Little as 5 Minutes?

Making Zoom backgrounds (or Google Meet, etc.) takes just minutes and can be a predictable stream of passive income that rewards you regularly.

Do you use Zoom, Google Meet or another video conferencing platform? You’re not alone. According to Pew Research Center, “Roughly three-quarters of working adults use online conferencing services often (74%).”

That’s a huge number!

But why would someone change their real background to a professional Zoom background? (See if any of these apply to you):

  • Their home (environment) isn’t clean/neat
  • They want a better-looking office
  • They just think it’s cool
  • They want to promote passively while speaking at an event
  • Their business team has a group background
  • And more

There are an awful lot of people (and companies) looking for professional Google Meet / Zoom backgrounds that are fun, team-oriented or otherwise help them express themselves.

And this explains why the virtual background craze on Etsy and other marketplace sites is rapidly growing!

Just check Etsy or other sites and you’ll quickly see the benefits of creating virtual Zoom backgrounds including:

  • Sells for higher prices than many printables and other digital downloads
  • Being gobbled up by the millions of video conferencing users online every day
  • Are oh-so easy and fast to make (you can do something extremely professional in just minutes)
  • Don’t require massive design skills.

Once you unlock some tips, tricks, techniques and shortcuts, you’ll be cranking out office backgrounds for Zoom and Google Meet like nobody’s business.

You won't believe how quick these designs come together. 

If you can watch a short video, drag and drop, and click a few buttons, you can set a new passive income stream in motion by making professional Zoom backgrounds to sell on Etsy or other sites.

Best of all, it requires:

  • No website
  • No email list
  • No upfront material costs
  • No inventory

Here’s the Proof 

It doesn’t take long to find growing success when you scroll through the Etsy search results. Just look at these sales and you’ll see how much potential this flourishing niche has. Now's your chance to get in before things get overcrowded.

Did you notice the prices? I’ve only seen pricing in this range for digital planners or spreadsheets, and they are way harder and more time-consuming to create than virtual backgrounds.

How Much Can You Earn?

Of course, that depends on your shop, how well you optimize, the styles of backgrounds you sell, etc. Let’s take a look at some conservative examples. The average price for the six examples above is $4.64. We’ll use that as our base.

  • If you sell just one office background for Zoom per day for $4.64 you’ll make $139.20/month.
  • If you sell two per day, you’d make $278.40/month.
  • Three per day… $417.60/month.

The more designs you add to your Etsy shop and the more sales per day you make, the more you can potentially earn.

Interested? Let me show you:

My super-speedy tricks, techniques & shortcuts

If you know what to use and how to put it together, you can avoid lots of headaches and get done ultra-quick. I’ll share my best advice that will speed your path to profits.

5 popular designs you can make in no time

I scoured Etsy and Google looking for easy, popular virtual background designs. Then I one-up’d them. I’ll show you the ultra-simple steps to make these unique designs without starting from scratch.

Where to find images for free or cheap

You’ll have a new list of favorite sites to get free images – with commercial license – to make kicking out more designs ultra-fast & easy.

I enjoyed the How To Guide: Create Virtual Backgrounds to Sell video course. Karon shared helpful tips and examples for creating custom virtual backgrounds using Canva that I can use for lead magnets or sell on my website. I learned a lot and highly recommend this course to anyone wanting to generate leads or increase their passive income with virtual backgrounds! --  Anne Albright, Virtual Assistant

How To Guide:
Create Virtual Backgrounds to Sell

Only $27

Here’s What’s Included in How To Guide: Create Virtual Backgrounds to Sell

I won’t waste your time. We’ll get straight to the good stuff so you can start earning fast. I make it as simple as can be by using a free Canva account to do everything.

  • 1 quick over-the-shoulder demo showing 5 easy & popular Zoom background designs in Canva (you can finish this in one sitting)
  • 5 design templates (from the ones I showed you in the demo)
  • Handy cheat sheet to keep near you as you make your masterpieces
  • 21 professionally designed graphic backgrounds to use in your designs (with commercial rights)
  • 3 ways to earn as you sell your designs

About Karon Thackston

Since 1999, I've owned and operated Marketing Words, specializing in helping entrepreneurs entice, engage and earn more.

Selling quick, easy-to-make digital products on Etsy is a phenomenal way to set up a passive income stream so you can work less and earn more.

Now I'm sharing the step-by-step process you need to grow your income and do it faster than you thought possible.

Ready to invest about 15 minutes per background design in order to get passive income every month?

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Do I have to have an existing Etsy shop?

A:  You can start your Etsy shop today and then list your new background designs. Keep in mind that brand new shops will have to build traffic and sales, so you’ll need to work on that before you’ll likely see sales.

You can also sell these in other places. Your own website is a great place and also other marketplaces that accept digital products.

Q:  Do you go through how to set up an Etsy shop?

A:  This is a laser-focused quick course strictly about how to create 5 digital background designs. I will not cover setting up an Etsy shop, how to list a product on Etsy, etc.

Q: Do I have to have a paid Canva Pro account?

You can use a free Canva account.

Q: Does creating professional Zoom backgrounds require a lot of design work?

Not at all. I’ll walk you through all the steps with as few clicks as possible. Watch and see what to do and what not to do so your finished product is legal to sell on Etsy.

WARNING: According to Etsy’s website, selling designs that you bought somewhere else and are reselling as-is on Etsy may get your account banned.

Ready to hitch a ride on this growing niche so you can earn more while working less?

How To Guide:
Create Virtual Backgrounds to Sell

Only $27

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