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Wonder why people visit your Amazon book page, but don't buy? One of the most critical (and most frequently overlooked) elements in book marketing success on Amazon is your description. Many authors think that, because they wrote a book, they should naturally be able to write sales copy, too. Then they end up frustrated because they can't get the ideas in their heads to line up with the descriptions they write.

Sound like you?  It's a very common situation. Thankfully, there's a simple solution.

Amazon Currently Has Over 32 Million Books Listed For Sale

Can Readers Find Yours?
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There is a huge difference in writing sales copy (which is what your Amazon book description is) and writing a book. But, because you have a writing background, you’re in luck. All you really need is a little focused training from the right teacher in order to write book descriptions that make readers want to buy.

“Author Advantage: How to Create Amazon Book Descriptions That Sell” is the quick fix you need to move from commonplace to compelling. In only around 60 pages, you'll find an illuminating and logical outline with step-by-step strategies for:

  • Understanding the pros and overcoming the cons of selling on Amazon
  • Getting inside the mind of your perfect readers and how to speak their language so they know that your book is a must-read
  • The skill and art behind crafting book descriptions that pique curiosity and boost sales
  • Simple steps for making your book description stand out among millions of others
  • Easy optimization techniques to help Amazon send more readers to your book page
  • And much more

Because you’re already a writer, you'll pick up on these new techniques right away. You’re simply adding additional vital skills to your writing arsenal.

It's more than just a good read… it's a complete hand-holding experience with:

  • Handy, fillable worksheets and cheat sheets to guide you every step of the way
  • Transformations of current book listings on Amazon, changing them from ordinary (or downright horrible) to engaging and intriguing
  • Lots of great book description examples to spur your creativity
  • Plenty of awful “what not to do” examples to help prevent you from going astray
  • Insights and knowledge that only comes from years of frontline copywriting experience


“This book is FANTASTIC! It covers crafting titles and subtitles that sell, adding zest to your book descriptions to captivate your readers, and even shares some juicy marketing tips and tidbits. I absolutely loved how Karon didn't just tell writer's how to write, but gave example after example for each of her points, really bringing them home. I firmly believe ‘Author Advantage' a tool every author should have in their arsenal.”

 Heather Hart, Internationally best-selling author and author coach at

Frequently Asked Questions

Is “Author Advantage” only for certain genres?

No. “Author Advantage” can help writers of practically any genre create Amazon book descriptions that contribute to more traffic and sales.

I’m not an author just yet but am working on my first book. Should I wait and buy “Author Advantage” after I've finished writing?

You should buy it now. The worksheets and cheat sheets inside the book will help guide you as you bring the final pieces of the puzzle together. Then you’re ahead of the game.

What if I'm not selling my book on Amazon? Would “Author Advantage” still help me?

Sure! While this digital book has specifics about selling your book on Amazon, it also has a ton of insights that would help you write book descriptions for your own website or the back cover copy for your physical book.

Is this really techie stuff?

There's nothing techie about it whatsoever.

What if I have questions or get stumped while writing my Amazon book description?

Your purchase of “Author Advantage” comes with free access to my private Facebook group so you can ask questions or get feedback.

I sell used books on Amazon. Will “Author Advantage” help me write Amazon product listings?

What you need for that is my “Amazon Advantage” ebook that teaches product listing strategies to boost your sales.


“Karon is a perfect teacher! She starts at the beginning and walks readers through complex processes in an incredibly simple and easy-to-follow method. When busy entrepreneurs like me look at a proven-money-making process like publishing on Amazon, we see only the steep learning curve that requires time and dedication to complete. Most, like me, look the other way and move on. But with Karon’s step-by-step training that incorporates worksheets in key areas, it’s easy to do things right! In Author Advantage, she shows us how to create book titles and book descriptions that force the reader to click on the book. As a publisher, what could be better?” David Perdrew, 

Author Advantage

How to Create Amazon Book Descriptions That Sell

Only $38

Jessica Larrew


“Karon did an awesome job with Author Advantage. A book or physical product description is VERY important, and Karon teaches how to knock yours out of the park. She gives tons of excellent examples, words you can use, and makes everything easy to understand. You can tell that she put a TON of heart and hustle into creating this. If you need help with creating the perfect description, I recommend this!” Rachel Rofe, Book Marketing Superstar 

About Karon Thackston

Since 1999, I've owned and operated Marketing Words, a full-service copywriting agency specializing in helping entrepreneurs rank higher, convert better, and sell more. Marketing Words has contributed to the sales success of companies such as Gorton's Seafood, American Boating Association,, online business pros and thousands of Amazon sellers.

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"Karon Thackston's 'Author Advantage' ebook offers invaluable tips, whether you've written adult fiction, nonfiction or a book for children. She demonstrates how important it is to craft book titles and book descriptions strategically, and fleshes that out with astoundingly incisive, illuminating before-and-after sample makeovers. If you're smart, you'll print those out and study them thoroughly. Her information on how to optimize your book listing on Amazon contained some information that was new to me and prompted me to make some immediate changes. Highly recommended."  Marcia Yudkin, Author, 6 Steps to Free Publicity and 16 other books

Author Advantage

How to Create Amazon Book Descriptions That Sell

Only $38

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