Boost Your Affiliate Commissions without Selling Thanks to This  Strategy That Over 70% of Customers Rely on to Make Confident Buying Decisions

Are you an existing affiliate who wants to crank up your monthly payouts without having to sell? Here’s how to add more passive commissions to your income just by sharing your experience & opinion.

One day years ago, I posted on Facebook about a product I was considering buying. I asked if anyone owned the Toshiba Fire Smart TV and what they thought about it.

Someone replied, “Why don’t you just Google Toshiba Fire Smart TV product reviews?!”

I had already Googled it. But everything I found that was put out by the manufacturer (or by affiliates who did product reviews) said the same things. Not helpful.

Plus, what I really wanted to know about was people’s
experiences and opinions.

That’s something only very savvy affiliates know how to include and do well. Why does it work so well? Because it’s not selling. It’s sharing.

Affiliates all over the world try really hard every day to convince shoppers that the products/services they are promoting are exactly what the customer needs.

The problem is that the majority of affiliates are quoting worn-out, dry features, specs, benefits and more details that 1,000 of other affiliates are also saying.

Wouldn‘t You Rather be an Affiliate Who Gets Thousands of Views, Hits, Clicks and Commissions from Your Reviews? Here’s the Difference…

When you review products for money, give the shoppers what they want.  Someone relatable who won’t try to hard sell them. Why?

  • Because it’s not about selling.
  • Because it’s not about pushing people to make a purchase.

The solution is to incorporate facts & figures with experience and opinion in a strategic way then add key elements that build curiosity, trust and commissions.

If you are familiar with and have a little experience with affiliate marketing, allow me to help you grow your commissions by sharing your opinion. I’ll break it all down for you and show you the exact steps I use to generate thousands every month through affiliate reviews.

"In 2021, nearly 70 percent of online shoppers typically read between one and six customer reviews before making a purchasing decision." []  It’s expected that the percentage was as high as 90% this year.

Sell Without Selling: Boost Your Affiliate Commissions by Sharing Your Opinion

Only $79

What Sell Without Selling: Boost Your Affiliate Commissions by Sharing Your Opinion Includes

This course delivers:

  • 7 video sessions that step you through my own personal process for profiting from reviews
  • MP3 audio files to listen and learn on the go
  • Plenty of real-life examples to spark ideas for your product reviews
  • Blueprint worksheet to help you organize, save time and get your reviews up faster
  • Review templates for all 5 types of reviews
  • Personal Q&A right inside the course
  • BONUS 1: 100+ professionally researched keywords to help get more traffic to your reviews ($190 value)
  • BONUS 2: How to get products/services for free with my best-performing affiliate review intro letter ($225 value)

SESSION 1: Why Product Reviews are Critical to the Customer Buying Process

The easy-to-understand psychology that drives people to need to read/watch reviews before buying.

SESSION 2: Answers to the Questions Everybody Asks About Affiliate Reviews

Why are long video or blog reviews better than short ones? Why can highlighting the negative about a product actually make you more sales? What can you do if buying the product/service isn’t possible? I’ll give you the solid guidance you need to create reviews that are helpful and convert.

SESSION 3: 5 Proven Product Review Styles That Drive Affiliate Commissions Without Selling

I’ll walk you through the top-performing types to use when you review products to make money including one that you almost never see.

SESSION 4: How to Foster Trust & Boost your Commissions

The only way to build a following of customers who respect and depend on your opinion is by implementing these elements in your product reviews that build trust and income.

SESSION 5: Avoiding Common Affiliate Review Mistakes that Kill Conversions

Following in the footsteps of other affiliates can turn out to be a mind field instead of a yellow brick road. I’ll guide you through the pitfalls of the common mistakes that others fall victim to.

SESSION 6: Pre-Review Blueprint: What you Need Before You Write/Record a Single Word

Getting prepared to record your review video or write your blog product review is a vital step that helps guarantee success.

SESSION 7: Anatomy of Success: Strategies for Getting the Most Sales from Your Affiliate Reviews

Uncover how to get your reviews in front of more shoppers to help you earn passive income on a predictable basis… without selling.

BONUS 1: 100+ Keywords to Help Your Reviews Get More Traffic ($190 Value)

I've researched 100+ review-related keywords to get you started with boosting the amount of visitors your reviews get. Just think about how much time that will save you!

BONUS 2: My Best-Performing Affiliate Introduction Letter that Converts Like Crazy ($225 value)

Want to become an affiliate for even more clever products and services, but keep getting turned down? For the first time, I'm sharing the exact introduction letter I send to companies. This one is proven to convert (and to get you a steady stash of review products for free)!


This course will not teach the tech of
recording videos or podcasts,
writing & publishing blog posts, etc.


“What I most love about Karon’s products is the way she explains things and the “perfectly clarifying” examples she provides. She seems to understand the questions in my head and delivers answers I can immediately use. That’s why I enjoy being a part of her community. Karon is a caring, good-hearted person, someone I am proud to know.” Mary Morris, -

About Karon Thackston

Early in my business, everything was a service. Almost 100% of my income required me to be tethered to a computer or telephone. It wasn’t until I discovered the magic of passive affiliate income that I began to experience the freedom of time and income that every online entrepreneur craves.

For years, I’ve made an average of about $50,000 annually in affiliate income alone. Much of that comes in passively because I review products for money.

Let me show you how it’s done. My teaching style is straightforward… All focused, no fluff. I won’t waste your time. I teach you what matters in a step-by-step fashion that’s easy to follow so you can discover skills you can apply immediately for higher conversions and more sales.

"93% of consumers say that reviews influenced their purchase decision." []

Frequently Asked Questions About Sell Without Selling: Boost Your Affiliate Commissions by Sharing Your Opinion

     Q: Is this course for beginners who have no experience with affiliate marketing?


This course is for those who have at least some experience with affiliate marketing. You do need to understand the basic concepts of what affiliate marketing is, how affiliate marketing works, where to find your links, and things of that nature.

     Q: Do I have to create review blog posts or review videos?


 You can use the information in this course to create any types of reviews you choose. That could be blog posts, articles you post on Medium or other sites, podcasts, videos and others. However, the examples I give include blog posts and videos. 

     Q: Is it really possible to earn affiliate commissions without having to sell all the time?

A. Absolutely! And I’ll reveal the proven process I use to earn an average of around $50k every year in affiliate commissions alone.

     Q: Will you show me specifically how to write or record a review of a product?

A: I walk you step by step through my process of creating the content when you review products for money. I do not cover how to find affiliate products. This other course will show you that. If you have a blog and need help with the general principles of writing posts, my Blogging Advantage course will be a great help to you.

     Q: In addition to teaching me all about what needs to be in my reviews to make them convert well, will you also show me how to record an upload videos or podcasts? Or how to write a blog post?

A: To get the most out of this training, you should already know how to record videos or podcasts, write & publish blog posts, etc. I do not cover technical instructions on how to record a video, write a blog post, etc. 

     Q: What is your refund policy?

A: You have 7 days from the date of purchase to request a refund if you do not find any value in this training.

Order Today And You’ll Receive

  • 7 video modules designed to walk you through the art & science of convincing product reviews that boost your commissions without selling.
  • BONUS 1: Carefully crafted affiliate review intro letter designed to get you lots of free products/services for your reviews. ($190 value)
  • BONUS 2: 100+ professionally researched keywords to drive traffic to your reviews. ($225 value)
  • Blueprint worksheet to help you organize, save time and get your reviews up faster.
  • Review templates for all 5 types of reviews.
  • LOTS of examples to give you ideas and inspiration as you craft your reviews.
  • Onsite question/answer right inside the course.
  • The ability to boost your affiliate commissions simply by creating product reviews that will bring customers closer to you and build trust... all without selling.


“There's so much educational babble out there in the online universe. One must think critically regarding what teacher to spend educational dollars on and time with in order to learn. You are one of those to me.” 
Candace Fischer, - Small Business Owner

"Customers don’t just give online reviews a cursory glance… They dig deep into the content to find out detailed information…" [Podium]

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"Your resources I can honestly say are fantastic and make so much sense. I bless the day that I came across you on the internet. 
Rachel Bunger

"91% of 18-34 year olds trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations." []

Sell Without Selling: Boost Your Affiliate Commissions by Sharing Your Opinion

Only $79

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