Conversion Tricks, Amazon Tips, SEO Updates & More

article-roundupLooking for the best articles pertaining to conversions, Amazon FBA, copywriting, SEO and more? This is what I’ve been reading lately. See if these articles help you as much as they’ve helped me. Enjoy!


The Quality Update: Google Confirms Changing How Quality Is Assessed, Resulting In Rankings Shake-Up (Search Engine Land)

How Google May Classify Sites as Low Quality Sites (SEO by the Sea)


What a 173% Increase in Clickthrough Can Teach You About Subscribers (Marketing Experiements)

Optimizing Your Landing Pages for Different Sources of Traffic (Crazy Egg)


The Science Behind High-Performing Headlines (Crazy Egg)

Ecommerce Product Description Writing Driving You Nuts? Here are 6 Ways To Describe Almost Anything (Marketing Words)

Selling on Amazon

Amazon Crackdown: 5 Things that Could Get Your Product De-Listed (Marketing Words)

Deciding Between a Professional or Individual Seller Account on Amazon (The Selling Family)


7 Inspiring Call-to-Action Examples and Why They Work (Shopify)

How Landing Pages Convert Visitors Into Educated Buyers (Practical Ecommerce)


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Determining Your Target Audience and Delivering What They Want

Building an email list. Promoting your ecommerce store. Branding your B2B service company. Selling products on Amazon. Regardless of what you're doing online, the foundation of your success will be in your ability to determine what your target customers want and how best to give it to them. Sound easy? From my experience, this is one of the biggest hurdles companies face, which means most are taking a stab in the dark and simply guessing about their customers. And that's a real shame that could be costing them dearly. Think about it this way: I walk up to you and ask you to do me a favor. … [Read More...]

5 Tips that Boost Sales and Search Rankings for Ecommerce Sites

I've had my fair share of conversations with ecommerce site owners. The two issues that seem to always come up during the course of our discussions are search engine optimization (SEO) and sales. Frankly, some get it and some just don't. Truthfully, most of what you read online regarding SEO and conversions is outdated misinformation that has simply been repeated (inaccurately most of the time) from someone else. There are precious few actual authorities that you should follow. This is one reason so many ecommerce sites have a hard-fought battle when it comes to getting rankings and … [Read More...]

Amazon Rolls Out A New Product Page Design

Looks like Amazon has been tinkering with its page layout. In a few, select categories, the page design is drastically different. See what's change and where.      … [Read More...]

Conversion Tricks, Amazon Tips, SEO Updates & More

Looking for the best articles pertaining to conversions, Amazon FBA, copywriting, SEO and more? This is what I've been reading lately. See if these articles help you as much as they've helped me. Enjoy! Selling On Amazon 6 Tips For Winning The Amazon Buy Box (Free ebook) (Channel Advisor) 7 Ways To Get Kicked Off Amazon (Webinar Replay) (Channel Advisor) Conversions 6 Actionable Ideas for High-Converting Videos (Site Tuners) The LIFT Model: Use These 6 Factors To Increase Your Conversion Rate (Wider Funnel) Ecommerce What Google’s Entrance Into M-Commerce Means For … [Read More...]

3 Tiny Words That Add Mystique to Your Social Posts, Blog Post Titles, Headlines & More

What gets people's interest?  I've been reading Sally Hogshead's book "Fascinate: Your 7 Triggers to Persuasion and Captivation" and it has been very enlightening.  What gets (and keeps) people's attention is fascination. Sally walks through 7 forms of fascination that intrigue individuals for one reason or another. One of the 7 is mystique.  Typically, mystique is formed when something is withheld. It's the anticipation, the wonder or curiosity that drives humans positively nuts and gives them tunnel vision when it comes to finding the missing piece of the puzzle.  Let me give you some … [Read More...]

Amazon Webstores Are Closing: Now What Do You Do?

Amazon recently announced it will be closing its ecommerce platform: Amazon Webstore. Existing users have been given until July 2016 to close up their shops and find somewhere else to go. That's sent countless Amazon sellers into a panic wondering what to do next. I had an occasion to talk with the good folks at Shopify and - during our conversation - asked if they felt their solution would be a good replacement for an Amazon Webstore. They replied with a resounding, "YES!" Welcome Gillian Massel of Shopify to the Marketing Words Blog. I'll turn it over to her to explain what Shopify has … [Read More...]

Landing Page Review: Innovative Laptop Charger Pre-Launch

Anytime you bring something new to the marketplace, a good bit of educating is required. Whether it's a completely new development or you've built a better mousetrap, as FINsix did, clarity is the key to conversions, as you're about to see. Want one of your web pages to be reviewed? Subscribers of the Marketing Words Newsletter are eligible to enter the monthly drawing and have your page evaluated by our team of pros. Comments from Kurt Scholle of Wow! Pretty nice site! I love the simplicity, navigation and colors. The design supports a tech product and is … [Read More...]

Conversion Tricks, Amazon Tips, SEO Updates & More

Looking for the best articles pertaining to conversions, Amazon FBA, copywriting, SEO and more? This is what I've been reading lately. See if these articles help you as much as they've helped me. Enjoy! SEO Is Your WordPress Website Ready For Google’s Next Update? (Marketing Words) 3 Ninja Ways To Boost Your Category Page SEO (Get Elastic) Ecomm How to Help Your Clients Get Results with Email Marketing  (Shopify) 4 Ways to Use Social Proof on an Ecommerce Site (Practical Ecommerce) Amazon Amazon Crack Down: 5 Things That Could Get Your Products De-Listed (Marketing … [Read More...]

How to Use Facebook Ads to Build Your List – Doable 23

We've talked a lot on the Marketing Words Blog about writing short copy like Facebook posts & ads, AdWords ads, tweets, etc. But, unless you know how to navigate the backend of the system you're using, it's hard to get good results. My guest today - Stacey Myers - will walk you through the basics of how to run a Facebook ad to build your list. Enjoy! Here we are at doable 23 of the 'Build Your List with 30 Daily Doables' Blog Tour. Yesterday we talked about commenting on blogs as a list building strategy.  It is well worth a read if you haven't done so … [Read More...]

Combat Amazon’s Latest Fee Increases With Higher Conversions

If you're an FBA seller, chances are good that your discussions have turned to the fee increase that Amazon announced several weeks ago. In an online document entitled U.S. Fulfillment by Amazon Fee Changes 2015, Amazon rolled out its updates for various fees for 2015. You'll see that the fees are grouped according to: • Fulfillment • Weight-based • Monthly inventory storage • Long-term storage Every category is being hit with higher rates in one form or fashion. Many people are particularly concerned about the impact on higher-priced, physically heavy products because they are … [Read More...]