Wish You Could Have More Sales Automatically? Here’s How to Make It Work

Euphoric winner happy man using a laptop in a desk at homeI’ve known Jen Perdew for years. She’s one of the smartest and hardest-working women I know. I heard her speak several months ago at a live event about the topic of driving more traffic and sales automatically, and was inspired. So I’ve asked her to give us an overview of the topic and how the basics might work for digital and physical products. PLUS, Jen has an invitation to her free 4-week webinar workshop on this topic, which I’ve already signed up for! Jen…take it away…

As entrepreneurs, we are busy people. There is never a shortage of things to do, one of which is generating prospects / customers / sales for our businesses. Whether you sell digital products via your site or physical products via Amazon or eBay, generating sales can be a fulltime job, unless you enter a magical place called “Automated Nirvana.”

Some say it’s a mythical land of rainbows and unicorns. Some say only bazillionaires live there. Some say it simply DOES NOT exist at all. Let me tell you exactly what it is and you can decide for yourself.

Automated Nirvana is reached when I make sales overnight because I have a predictable, automatic system in place to make that happen. There are no surprises here. Most people aren’t sure why they’re making sales (if they are at all), so they can’t replicate the process. That’s not a system; it’s a fluke.

That leaves the questions: Why did someone buy THAT product? How did they find you? What link did they click?

To find the answers and start generating predictable, reliable, automatic sales, you have to stop guessing and build a system.

There are two ways to sell your products or services.

  1. Promote every single day. That means you MUST mail your list, or run promos to make money. That gets old quick because it takes a lot of your time and (frankly) your target customers probably get tired of it, too.
  1. Set up automated systems that logically and systematically move your buyers through a well-thought-out funnel that drives traffic, leads, conversions, sales, and profits every minute of the day without your having to touch it.

I opt for number 2 all day long.

Instantaneous? No. Permanent & Reliable? YES!

For years, I emailed promos every single day to drive revenue. It was the only way I knew to reach my audience and boost sales. Now, however, I automatically send relevant, high-value content that moves my leads through the sales funnel that best meets their needs and offers them the products and services they want based on their actions.

How Sales Funnels Work and Why You Absolutely Must Have Them in Your Business

How do YOU buy a product? More than likely you’ve somehow been introduced to the company you’re purchasing from through some kind of free content.

It could have been a blog post, free report, cheat sheet, etc. That free content is the first step in a sales funnel.

There Are 3 Main Pieces to a Product Sales Funnel

  1. Freebie — An introductory gift is offered to entice people to get to know you and your company. This could be any of the ideas mentioned above or something else you come up with. It should be a digitally deliverable item so that you don’t have to manually ship anything.
  2. Content — Once a person provides his or her email address in exchange for your freebie, then you can begin communicating with them directly, sending them valuable tips, information, and more that will keep them interested in what you have to offer.
  3. Sales! — If done effectively, your freebie and content will guide the prospective buyer to the point of purchase, and you begin to make sales … hands-off, automatic, consistent, reliable sales!

What’s Another Name for “Sales Funnel”? Relationship Building 🙂

Because you go through the digital process of building a relationship with leads, they trust you, find that what you’ve already provided (free) is valuable, and decide to purchase paid products from you that they now believe will offer what they are looking for.

Whether you are selling physical products via Amazon or digital products such as training courses, sales funnels are proven to produce phenomenal results IF they are set up correctly.

funnelIs it hard to plan out and set up sales funnels that work? Not the way we do it at MyNAMS. We’ve whittled the process down into easy-to-understand steps that we’ll even walk you through live during our free 4-week workshop called Sales Funnel Leverage.”

By the end of the 4 weeks, you’ll have created your very own basic Strategic Business Funnel and at least one Product Funnel to use so you can generate passive income. (Yes! You will have opened the doors to Automated Nirvana!)

Are you a really hard worker? You could create 10 funnels in 4 weeks if you want.

We’ll have a webinar and an action plan for each of the 4 weeks. Then we’ll do live evaluations of your funnels in order to fine-tune them and get them ready to launch.

There’s a FREE introductory webinar FRIDAY, July 1, 2016, so sign up now and let’s get some “Automated Nirvana” happening in your business! (Yes, replays will be available.)


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