7 Thank You Pages that Take Post-Conversion to the Next Level

As conversion-oriented marketers, our focus is typically on persuading traffic to take action once people visit our landing pages. The Holy Grail is getting the click (sale, subscription, etc.). And – once that happens – many marketers stop the conversion process, thank the customer and happily walk away with cash in hand.

B-I-G Mistake!

Thank you pages are much more than a piece of virtual real estate on which to display gratitude and order numbers. These pages are an integral part of an optimized conversion system that, when used properly, can continue to boost your revenue.

Here are several examples of thank you pages that do an outstanding job of taking post-conversions to the next level.

Company: Jigsaw Health
Business: Premium dietary supplement manufacturer
Thank You Page Strategy: Limited-time offer

There’s no better proof that visitors are in conversion mode than when they click the buy button. You’ve earned trust, explained benefits and persuaded customers to action. Don’t lose the momentum with a lax thank you page.

Jigsaw Health provides extremely limited-time offers to returning visitors, as shown below.


In addition to the standard handshake and order number, Jigsaw draws out that buying mindset by enticing shoppers with deep, short-lived discounts that are hard to pass up.

The countdown timer (under the clock on the right) compounds the sense of urgency, as the red copy immediately gets the point across that 43% savings are about to slip away. And therein lies the psychological trigger this thank you page is based on: loss aversion.

As the customer watches the seconds tick past, he feels the pressure mounting: “Is this something I take every month?” “Will the supplement expire before I use it?” “Forty-three percent is a big discount!” All these questions and thoughts can easily bring the visitor to yet another buying decision.

Because Jigsaw Health’s shopping cart has the ability to simply add the upsell to the existing order, it’s a quick, one-click add-on.

Company: Aweber
Business: List management services
Thank You Page Strategy: Consumption/social sharing

What’s the biggest challenge marketers face when leads sign up for something free? Is it customer technical issues? Maybe it’s delivery hurdles? Nope! The problem comes in actually getting leads to consume the freebie they signed up for. Aweber has some simple, but effective, ways to urge people who have registered for a free webinar to actually attend.


The problem lies in the fact that there is nothing vested in the transaction. Yes, the lead committed (sort of) to attend when s/he registered. But since most people offer replays these days, that commitment holds little weight: leads expect to be able to watch a recording later. Some do, most don’t.

Through a combination of calendar tools and social sharing on their webinar thank you page, those who signed up will be (a) reminded of the event via their own tools (Outlook, etc.) and/or will have shared a post saying they will attend. That one-two punch reinforces their sense of obligation.

Company: Unbounce
Business: Landing page / conversion software
Thank You Page Strategy: List building

Aweber isn’t the only one who knows how to rock a webinar thank you page. Unbounce employed a list-building strategy that ramped up their subscriber base by 60% in just two (yes, two) webinars.


Leads that register for a webinar are already tuned into the content you’re offering. It only makes sense that they would get excited about receiving more top-notch info from you if given the chance. So give them the chance!

Unbounce put this simple subscription option on their webinar thank you page and got huge results. I’ve also been using this list-building method for years. It’s one of the highest-converting tactics I’ve ever tried.

Company: Social Triggers
Business: Blog, podcast & TV show for entrepreneurs
Thank You Page Strategy: Building relationships

While you might expect a social media pro to incorporate social aspects into his site, Derek Halpern goes one step beyond clicking a share or like button. Derek gets those who have downloaded his free ebook to start a mini-community right on his thank you page.


People buy from those they like. The old saying is very true, and it can be taken even further. In this day and age, genuine referrals are gold! Derek uses his knowledge about social proof to get thousands of mini-testimonials and referrals right on his thank you page by using a simple WordPress plugin. The timing is perfect, as these smiling, happy people have just downloaded a freebie they are excited about.

In addition, this strategy gets huge engagement scores on Facebook and (so far) has enlisted the help of over 1,200 people in spreading the word (and growing Derek’s list!).

Company: Spanish Pod 101
Business: Creator of language training courses
Thank You Page Strategy: Upsell

Sure, anybody can type the words “thank you” on a web page, but Spanish Pod 101 verbally expresses their gratitude in a video with 29 different languages. In addition, they include a 30% discount on subscription learning programs.


I have to admit, I was intrigued by all the languages and faces in the video, so this unique twist had me entertained. Eventually, I began to scroll, as curiosity about the discount kicked in.

The feature/benefit list and comparison chart help customers to quickly choose the program that is right for them. And, of course, trust symbols, such as the 100% guarantee, confirm that this is a risk-free purchase.

Company: RoboForm
Business: Password creation/storage software
Thank You Page Strategy: Referral incentives

When customers upgrade, it’s a pretty good indication that they are satisfied. RoboForm takes advantage of that state of contentment when users download the latest version of their software. On its thank you page, the password-protection company offers an easy way to share with friends and get a little something for yourself, too.


After all, satisfaction is a good reason to share products and services with others, but getting free stuff is much more compelling! Are you having flashbacks from the Christmas/holiday season?

Many retailers use this same approach to sell gift cards. How many times have we seen promos that advertise a $10 card for you when you buy two $25 cards for others? Although the denominations may vary, these offers have proven to work well for season after season. Now we see online companies putting that same idea to work every day.

Company: 5 Day Sales Machine
Business: Email marketing training
Thank You Page Strategy: Pique curiosity

Most marketers who offer free ebooks, white papers or reports leave the heavy lifting to the report itself. James Grandstaff does an admirable job of piquing curiosity on his thank you page and driving post-conversions sooner rather than later.


Considering that the majority of leads who download a free report never open it, this is a brilliant move to push hot leads further along in the process faster than usual.

What Shape Are Your Thank You Pages In?

There’s no time like the present. Take a few minutes this week to evaluate your own thank you pages. Check the ones associated with:

  • Newsletter/Blog subscriptions
  • Sales pages
  • Free downloads
  • Webinar registrations
  • Live demo signups
  • Ecommerce shopping carts
  • Requests for quote
  • Online banking transactions

Even the thank you page for your lowly contact form can probably use an overhaul.

Instead of straight lines and dead ends, think circular when it comes to thank you pages. By always providing another touch point, you can increase your post-conversion success.


Want more tips and ideas for creating marketing circles? Check out my free video series: Intentional Marketing today.


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